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Crackpot Gadgeteer of Questionable Sanity


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Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank
Widjit Kitclick-Winchmeyer Official alliance mini-icon Feathermoon IconSmall Gnome Female Ui-charactercreate-classes warlock Warlock 45 Guild:Shardracona (Feathermoon US) none
Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank


Bubbly, peppy and joyous, she has both the curiosity that kills the cat and the strength to cheat whatever disaster this will provoke. When she's not being hyperactive over gizmos and gears, she is a tender and cuddly little kitten who loves to hug her friends and sit on their laps, frequently having one-sided conversations with her favorite minion, her voidwalker Jhomtaz (whom she likes to call "Jom-Jom")


Standing an average three foot tall, this short lady is very picky about keeping her red hair in pristine looking buns, frequently checking that no hairs are poking out of place. True to her gnomish heritage, though, her clothes frequently bears scorch marks and fire damage as well as stains of oil, gear lubricant, transmission fluid and black powder. She will usually wear engineering goggles of her own making, keeping them on her forehead when not directly over her eyes, or dangling around her neck.

A recent addition is a six-pronged bronze gear tatoo on the right side of her neck - a proud tradition of the Winchmeyer women.

She is also left-handed, a trait that greatly contributes to her already messy handwriting, though her writing and drawing becomes pristine while drawing plans and schematics for some reason.

Fighting StyleEdit

Being skilled in the destructive aspect of her warlock class, she will often rely on her voidwalker to distract her target long enough to overload it with curses and afflictions, then cuts loose with fire and shadow spells - by the time her enemies realize where the real threat comes from, it's too late to turn the tides.

Her MinionsEdit

Azpep: A fire imp, he is somewhat suffering from self-esteem issues stemming mostly from his great desire to be a reknowned comedian and his utter lack of talent to make this happen. He has yet to make anyone laugh, leading the poor little one to mumble about not being respected. "Azpep cant gets no regards, no regards at alls..."

Jhomtaz: A voidwalker. He seems to greatly appreciate his trips away from the formless void and be able to interact with matter, and has shown himself a trustworthy and steadfast guardian to Widjit, frequently watching over her like a big brother and taking her to bed after she'd fallen asleep studying her tomes or drawing new schematics. He will often be crestfallen when she comes up with a mad scheme which he knows will end in disaster, but will follow along anyway to make sure she comes out okay.

Aezlith: A succubus. Her initial attitude was cold and manipulative, inspiring mistrust among Widjit's friends, though she recently has seemed to make strides to prove her worth in her mistress' eyes. Whether those efforts are genuine or a sneaky trick remains to be seen.

Beeshon: A felhunter. Despite his horrifying appearance, he has shown himself to have the personality and traits of a big dog. Playful and affectionate, he will happily drench anyone he loves with slobber and can spend hours running back and forth to catch his favorite heavy leather ball. If his mistress is in danger, he will show a menacing side to match his appearance and fiercely defend her.

Shadowflare: A Felsteed. Despite finding it odd that he has been brought to Azeroth by such a tiny summoning mistress, he has learned to quickly overlook this quirk, just as long as he gets to run fast and long all over the world.

As Seen by Others... Edit

This section is reserved for those who wish to add their thoughts about this character:

Constanz Clearwater DenseldeEdit

Widjit is a fascinating companion and a great friend. Constance believes that this little gnome has some kind of bizarre connection with the universe because despite the inherent darkness of manipulating and controlling demons, she remains one of the most cheerful and energetic people she's ever known.

Astadaa KirsantiiEdit

A strange little person! This little supergenius fascinates the Draenei shaman no end, even if her casual control over demons gives her strange shivers.


Still a very young gnomish woman who just recently came of age, she was born in Kharanos the daughter of succesful inventors Tippet Kitclick and Mittens Winchmeyer. From her earliest age she showed the classic gnome fascination with gadgetry, strongly encouraged by her parents to pursue this noble path. Her thirst for new knowledge and avenues of research took her to explore demonology and outer dimensions which she pursues to this day, finding that fire and shadow spells as well as "alien" creatures such as succubi and imps provide a whole new worldview fascinating to study.

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