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AllianceNPC 32Lady Lexinora Greymane
Gender Female
Race Gilnean
Level 85
Character class Frost Summoner
Location Gilneas City

Lady Lexinora Greymane was born in the walls of Gilneas City to her loving parents; Arlon and Jesslyn Greymane. She lived a very happy life up until the invasion of the worgen and forsaken. Her parents were killed early in the attack by feral worgen, at that same time, Lexinora was bitten. King Genn Greymane took his niece into his care, as a Greymane, Lexinora was now a light that everyone looked to for help. It was her royal duty to evacuate her city where they would be safe. As the Forsaken were destroying her home, Lexi ran with the refugees, leading them to Darnassus.

Once landed, she made her way to Stormwind City. Little did she know that she was being followed by a renowned Gilnean criminal. He followed her into the forest and impregnated her. As the child grew inside her, Lexinora continued to do her duty. She trained hard, exercising her magic to the limit. She later met a man that she fell in love with, they were married and very happy. Months later, her daughter Angela was born.

Currently, Lexinora is with her daughter in Gilneas, surveying and watching. Preparations are being made for the attack on the Forsaken to reclaim Gilneas and restore it to it's former glory.

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