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This table shows the names of the different cuts according to the stat mix.

Expertise Agility Intellect Strength Parry Critical Haste Mastery Dodge Resilience Hit Spell Pen. Spirit Stamina
Expertise Precise Keen Vibrant Accurate Guardian's
Agility Delicate Deadly Deft Adept Polished Lucent Glinting Shifting
Intellect Brilliant Shrewd Clever Artful Focused Seer's Timeless
Strength Bold Inscribed Fierce Skillful Resplendent Etched Sovereign
Parry Flashing Fine Retaliating Defender's
Critical Deadly Shrewd Inscribed Smooth Piercing Radiant Misty Jagged
Haste Deft Clever Fierce Quick Lightning Shattered Intricate Forceful
Mastery Keen Adept Artful Skillful Fine Fractured Sensei's Zen Puissant
Dodge Vibrant Polished Subtle Nimble Regal
Resilience Lucent Resplendent Mystic Turbid Steady
Hit Accurate Glinting Focused Etched Retaliating Piercing Lightning Sensei's Nimble Rigid Tense Shining Vivid
Spell Pen. Radiant Shattered Tense Stormy
Spirit Seer's Misty Intricate Zen Turbid Shining Sparkling
Stamina Guardian's Shifting Timeless Sovereign Defender's Jagged Forceful Puissant Regal Steady Vivid Solid

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