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This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

Chapter One: Entering TerokkarEdit

Hulidar, Aranor and Kagrim entered Terokkar. The forest was teeming with life and Aranor felt it. But it was not natural life, it was Fel, twisted and evil. He ignored and and bent down, running his hands through the dirt. Hulidar pullled out a pick and ran it through the dirt, there was a metal glittering in the dirt. It appeared to be Mithril but glowed more, it was a sort of Mithril and Diamond alloy, glittering in the dirt. Kagrim reached for it and but Aranor shot out a hand and pulled him back "Don't touch it yet." He said. "It could be dangerous, or something else." He finished. "Whaddya mean somethin' else? If it's metal then it's metal!" Said Kagrim. "don't be a fool! It could be poisonous, or else? Wait, what do ya mean somthing else." Said Hulidar. "I don't just feels strange. Kind of tempting and luminous." muttered Aranor, distantly. Hulidar cut a chunk of with his pick and dropped it in his sack. "That wasn't so bad now was it?" Said Kagrim. Suddenly there was a rustling around the forest around. Six Fel Orcs with rusty hooks chained to their hands. They yelled something in Orcish. Hulidar drawn his gun, Kagrim drawn his axe and Aranor drawn his wand, the Orcs jumped them and a fight began...

Chapter Two: Blood and RustEdit

The first Fel Orc in Hulidar's fight tackled him, he could see every hideous detail, fangs glistening, hook waving and green skin ragged and torn. It swung it's claws, Hulidar rolled away and shot it but it survived and tossed him into the dirt then charged him again. He drawn his axe, swung it at the Orc, smashing his fangs, the Orc was still standing but even uglier than before. He shot it a final time and it fell. The second Orc picked him up and slammed him, he groaned and struggled up. The Orc charged but he lodged his axe into it's spine. It collapsed.

The first Orc after Kagrim ripped him open with it's hooks, sending blood and rust into the dirt. Kagrim quickly drawn his two swords and attacked. A flurry of bladework forced the Orc into a tree and with the ferocity he shown when he killed his master, stabbed him. In his bloodlust he did not see the second Orc coming. It disarmed his sword and tossed him away, he drew a crossbow and shot the Orc in the kneecap, it howled. Quickly he drawn a dagger and stabbed the Orc in the neck, it grunted and stumbled about, finally falling upon the blood it had spilt earlier.

Aranor grabbed the Orc by the throat with an unnatural strenth and bent him back, hearing it's knees snap and the Orc howling in pain. He shoved it over, raised his staff and impaled it with it. The second orc grabbed him and started crushing him. He suddenly pushed it back.

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