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Knight of the PurposesEdit

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Bluetemplar: A Holy Spec level 35 Paladin Is the Chief Executive Officer, and the 1st Grand Master (Guild Master) of the Guild:Order of Knights Templar (Lothar US). A fervent member of the AllianceAlliance 32, Bluetemplar brought back the guild after a long haitus on other less populated servers. Known affectionatly by the other guild members as simply "Blue", Bluetemplar oversees the overall health of the Order of Knights Templar guild, and raised an Army of over 470 members or Knights to monthly stated guild meetings held in the server.

Bluetemplar is stauch advocate of the Alliance/Azeroth game, and is known for organizing massive in game PVP raids against Horde cities and starting areas. "Bluetemplar" also carries a main for PVP and arena purposes, "Jaquedemolay" a level 70 Ret. Paladin.

Bluetemplar, an ardent Freemason and modern Masonic Knight Templar based the new organization loosely on the Masonic Fraternity and more specifically on masonic templarism. Titles and ranks such as Pro Grand Master, and Master Ad Vitnam can be found in masonic organizations like the Ancient York Rite in the United States and the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Riteof both Europe and the US. But staying true to his obligation, these titles are in name only and do not represent the confirral of ANY legitimate masonic order or degree. However members of the guild do get a rather unique view into masonic related ideals such as tolerance, fair play, open fellowship and basic chivalry. As a result some current and past guild members have gone on to petition and join masonic lodges in or near their places of residence.

A very festive player, and it shows after a rather long meeting or game day, Bluetemplar is known to "treat" his membership in game. Usually hosting huge in-game parties at the Lion's Pride Inn in Goldshire for member knights templar.

Real LifeEdit

Bluetemplar's real occupation as a police officer enables him to put the concernes of many understandably worried parents at ease when they are playing the game with the guild on Lothar. Most younger people and parents alike join "Order of Knights Templar" on Lothar for this very reason. However this busy and sometimes hectic occupation does not always lend well to playing the game at all hours of the day or night. So as a remedy Bluetemplar delegates responsibility to guild officers and leaders such as Pro Grand Masters who act as the Guild Master while he is away, and Generalisimos to act as channel moderators while he is busy or not in the game. These Officers report directly to him for purposes of discipline, or in the case of Pro Grand Masters can act decisively in an emergency. Pro Grand Masters, and the Generalisimos are the first line in the guild and are people either realted to Bluetemplar, are long standing members of the guild, or are in other ways indirectly related to "Bluetemplar" outside the game.

Role Play History of the "Blue Templar"Edit

Born in what was then the lush farmland of Westfall, Sir Johannus Gauis KRC "aka" The Blue Templar became one of the more prominent members of the local masons lodge in Stormwind. Being on the final building crew to finish the detailing of the Cathedral of Light, and was instrumental in carving out the abode in the lower catacombs for the scattered members of the Scarlet Crusade. Having been a Knight of the Silver Hand Johannus was charged with safeguarding the secrets of the Order deep within the bowels of the Cathedral. Also to found an elite group of warrior monks to guard against the rising animosity between the Alliance and the Horde. After it was apparent that Lordaeron was to be overrun, Johannus and other Knights of the Silver Hand moved Uther the Lightbringer's remains to the sealed catacombs under Northshire Abbey. Where unknown to the unclean members of the undead he remained in friendly hands and undisturbed. An accomplished Master Mason Johannus is rumored to be one of the people who carved the inscription on Uther's Tomb

After the fall of Lordaeron, Johannus and several other fugitive members of the Silver Hand founded a new order of Utherian Knights. These Poor Knights of the Temple were charged with the desperate task of freeing the sister city of Lordaeron from the iron grip of the Forsaken, to decimate the Undercity at every turn, and guard the Lightbringer's remains in Northshire. Also to ensure safe passage for the numerous pilgrims traveling through the dangerous paths of Azeroth. This Order of Knights Templar proudly wear a white tabard with a blazing red cross closely associating themselves with the Scarlet Crusaders, and are one of the fiercest fighting forces recognized in Azeroth.

Now no longer a member of the Silver Hand. Johannus is very suspicious of the motives of the new Death Knight regime. That the motives surrounding the new order lose sight of Uthers original obligation and close association with the Alliance, and that there misguided loyalty is only to the Lich King and thus the undead. As an omage to his trade as a skilled craftsman, even as a Guild Leader "Johannus" still wears the Stonemason's Cloak as a humble reminder of his beginnings, his craft, and the work that bears his name in Stormwind.

Today as an unoffical mandate of the "Order of Knights Templar", Bluetemplars standing order is to "purge the game of all less than honourable players that would otherwise make the Lands of Azeroth, Kalimdor, and Outlands a haven for the insidious. To guard those who pay a good and fair wage to have fun, and socialize with countless others from all walks of life, and in other countries around the world that share similar interests".

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