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HordeNPC 32Bludfaulch Tasad
Gender Male
Race Forsaken (Humanoid)
Level 73 Mage
Affiliation The Undercity
Location Mobile


  • Age: 107
  • Professions: Herbalism/Alchemy

Early LifeEdit

Bludfaulch was not born Bludfaulch Tasad. His birth parents did not give the child a name, and his adoptive parents named him Kylem Bathory. Bludfaulch was born near a very large human town made up of mostly royal blood. Although compromised mostly by descendants of kings and queens, Bludfaulch was descended from neither. Bludfaulch was the child of gypsies who were passing through the town. His parents could not care for him, so they decided it was best to ask the occupants of the town if they would take him. They tried many houses, but none would take him because the gypsies were considered to be unclean, and they refused to take in the baby. Losing hope, the couple left the baby on the porch of an orphanage, which is where he spent 12 years of his life before being adopted by the Bathorys. Bludfaulch (or Kylem, at the time.) was the youngest of his adoptive siblings and was the least liked as a child. Much like in the orphanage, he spent most of his days in the family's library studying ancient texts, ranging from tales of heroes to books filled with incantations. Soon after realizing his interests in the arts of magic, his adoptive parents hired a Sorcerer to aid him in his studies. Tasad Kethaw taught Bludfaulch everything he knew about magic and precise study habits. Soon after leaving his home at the age of 16, Bludfaulch and Tasad parted ways, soon afterwards Kylem came up with an alias, Bludfaulch Kethaw, which has since become the only thing he goes by. Bludfaulch has not seen Tasad Kethaw since. Bludfaulch has studied many styles of magic, but focuses on Frost powers, his Master's specialty. Although he is a Mage, he has learned to heal minor wounds on his allies with magic.

Bludfaulch, the WandererEdit

Bludfaulch has not seen his step-siblings since the 16th year of his life, and now in undeath does not remember their faces, or even their names. This is due to hatred of them, rather than his old age. He had dedicated his whole life to placing distance between his family and himself, and even several centuries of his afterlife, until he finally decided to return home. He knew that if anyone had seen his face, he would not be allowed within the city gates; therefore he wrapped himself in robes as to hide his appearance. His old house was occupied by people he had never seen before, and when he went to the Town Hall and checked the records, his family did not show up anywhere in the history of the town.

Thirteen years ago, five years after returning to his hometown, Bludfaulch made his way through the Eastern Kingdoms, and met Niceda. When the two first met, Niceda was wearing only rags and had the mind of a child. He taught her how to read, write and how to speak. Bludfaulch also taught her about the world of magic. She seemed very interested from the beginning and learned quickly. Soon enough, Niceda became inspired by Bludfaulch's tales of demons, and began studying to become a Warlock.


Bludfaulch has traversed most of the known world, and studies any form of literature that he could find. Bludfaulch appears to be in his late fifties, but he is very old, and finds little joy in life aside from helping Niceda, growing more powerful, and learning anything that he could.

Previous ExploitsEdit

  • Has fought alongside Niceda; the Shadow Priest Konraa von Faustine; and Zugorim Ragediver.
  • Discovered the ruined remains of Vulgrim Ultha's former village.

Horde 32Bludfaulch Tasad is on the Andorhal server.

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