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This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

The Great Sea Edit

My first expansion idea for after Wrath of the Lich King, is the Great Sea... (Please note: all my sources and ideas are from Wowwiki, the World of Warcraft Forums, and myself, and all names with a (0) at the end mean that they DO NOT exist in the game)

Lore Edit

The weary troops of both the Horde and Alliance have travelled north to fight the tyrant Lich King in Northrend. But as they return home victorious, they discover that the armies of the Naga have massed in the mighty Great Sea, threatening to explode out at either faction at any time. The Horde and Alliance must once again forget their differences and fight the Naga armies.

Features Edit

  • Level cap of 90, with 10 more talents
  • 5 new zones, filled with instances and PvP combat
  • (Possibly) 2 new races who plan to fight the naga
  • New guild features
  • Ocean Mounts
  • New Hero Class

Zones Edit

Zones featured are:

Kul'Tiras Edit

(Levels 79-82) Kul'Tiras is now a land in conflict. Members of the Horde have invaded the once purely human island, and the city of Boralus has fallen into ruin. Members of both factions will arrive by ship from the settlement of Boralus' Way (0) in Zul'dare, which can be reached from Tarren Mill by zeppelin and Southshore by boat. Boralus is marked "Sanctuary", and is like an early game Shattrath. Players can stock up on supplies and reagents, and gain a few quests. A crusty old sailor in front of the harbour sells underwater mounts (giant lobsters +60 speed, and manta rays +100 speed), which are helpful for getting around in the Great Sea. The town itself is in disarray, as the leaders of Boralus have fled in disgust to other Alliance cities once they discovered that their once mighty port town was to be used as a refuge for the war-torn and shared with the members of the Horde. At the city's harbour, players can take a boat to the Broken Isles, as well as the two instances in Kul'Tiras; Tol Barad, the first level 90 dungeon in the expansion, and the Darkspear Depths (0), the sunken original islands where the Darkspear resided, now populated by fanatical murlocs. As players journey into the murky forests, they will reach the faction's settlements on both Kul'Tiras and neighbouring Crestfall.

Possible ideas:

  • Make Crestfall the starting area of a new Alliance race (will require expanding)
  • Add a neutral Goblin city run by Steamwheedle Cartel.
  • Make Kul'Tiras and Crestfall Alliance-only, and Broken Isles and Zandalar Horde-only

The Broken Isles & Zandalar Edit

(Levels 83-85) The next area of the expansion is Zandalar and the Broken Isles, where the trolls stage their fight against the naga onslaught. Members of the Zandalar are recruiting allies to fight the naga attackers, however the great city of Zuldazar is closed from those not exalted with either Zandalar or Darkspear trolls (a slight discomfort to Alliance players). The lush area of both parts of the zone is covered by troll villages and ziggurats. Shamen, magi, and priests can receive class-only quests from trolls in Zuldazar upon reaching exalted with both Zandalar and Darkspear tribes, though Alliance players can do the same at Tol Barad. The zone's instance is the Voodoo Crypts (0) in Mount Mugamba, the resting place of some... restless trolls. Players can journey into the Crematorium (0), the Temple of Mugamba (0), and the Lower Crypt (0).

Possible ideas:

  • Make zone more leaned towards Horde, and Kul'Tiras more leaned towards Alliance (requires zones of same level)
  • Add another important troll faction

Plunder Isle and the Isle of Kezan Edit

(Levels 85-88) The third zone to visit in the expansion is the Bloodsail's famous base, or the goblin's mighty city, Undermine. Depending on your reputation with the Steamwheedle Cartel, you can either take a ship to Plunder Isle from Zandalar, or to the Isle of Kezan from Zandalar. Plunder Isle is only available to visit by those allied with the Bloodsail, but you can get level 90 raid quests at Undermine to venture to Bloodsail Hold and kill Duke Falrevere. At Plunder Isle, you may earn various powerful trinkets for completing quests for the buccaneers (usually involving attack Steamwheedle Cartel bases).

Tel'Abim Edit

(Levels 87-88) This zone is a little side area for players interested in some more content. It is small and relatively untouched, except for a goblin-run banana plantation. The plantation is the one neutral town in the area, which is a bit of a world PvP ground. Outside of the plantation lies a mysterious jungle, with a single watch tower in the center. The tower is armed with ballistae which can be shot anywhere within the clearing where the tower is built, as well as at one of the four outposts at the forest's edge, each manned by Horde and Alliance sentries. Destroying a tower grants bonus honor to all players of the same faction within the clearing when the opposing faction's tower is destroyed. Players can also explore the jungle, where various races receive different buffs, and are encouraged to attack each other. The different buffs are as follows:

  • Human: +10% honor per kill.
  • Orc: Increases damage done by melee and ranged weapons and warlock pets by 10%.
  • Dwarf: Gains "Rootflesh" buff, which causes 50 damage to melee attackers per hit and increases stamina by 10.
  • Undead: Your Cannibalize restores %20 more health per second, and your Will of the Forsaken lasts 2 seconds longer.
  • Gnome: Increases spell damage done by %8 and increases spirit by 16.
  • Troll: Increases spell and melee critical hit chance by 10%.
  • Night Elf: Gains "Shadowsneaking" buff, allowing your Shadowform to not dispel until you walk 100 yards away from where it was originally cast.
  • Blood Elf: Increases Intellect by 10%, and increases Agility by 10.
  • Drainei: Your Gift of the Naaru restores 25% more health every 3 seconds.

Players who prefer PvE can earn many different quests from the goblins at Tel'Abim Plantation to destroy raging machinery that is destroying the plantation.

The Maelstrom Edit

(Levels 88-90) The final zone of the Great Sea expansion, this zone features a massive murloc and naga population, as well as other creatures like makrura and sea giants. Players will enjoy a cutscene during which they reach the Maelstrom by a ship which takes groups of 25 players at once. Suddenly, a massive wind whips up, destroying the boat and leaving the players unconscious. Your character will be as if gone through a portal, for when you exit, you will be on a small island, where a small Cenarion Circle camp lies, Gishan Point (0). A questgiver will inform you of your situation, and you will be able to embark on a number of group quests in the area. Players will enter a subterrain village, where they can visit vendors and an innkeeper. The nearby dungeon, Gishan Caverns, consists of two wings, Lower Gishan Caverns and Upper Gishan Caverns. Players can venture into these caves in groups of 10 (UGC) or 25 (LGC). After enough players retrieve quest items from the instances, portals will open, allowing players to automatically arrive back and forth from the camp to Boralus. Aside from Gishan Caverns, players can venture out off the island to befriend one of two important warring factions, the Makrura Crusaders or the Naga Outcasts, two factions who are fighting to survive in Makrura grounds, the Scintal Reef. Players will gain reputation with the factions before they can set off to the endgame instance, Nazjatar, a 25-man raid. Players will enter the very palace of Azshara, the naga queen, to defeat her. Insane rewards will be present, probably something around Tier 11, considering it being a third expansion.

That's the Great Sea. Enjoy.

Hero Classes Edit

I have two hero class ideas, one which is popular, the other which is a little more... unique.

  • Runemasters
  • Witch Doctors

I am going to post these as a different thread to conserve space. You can see them here at BlargMaster0001's Hero Class Ideas

The Outcast's Order Edit

A group of shady members of the Horde and Alliance have betrayed their kind. In this expansion, a massive PvP war, players will fight off the betrayers, or join the Outcast Order themselves...

Lore Edit

After a gruesome battle against the Lich King, the forces of the Horde and Alliance return home. But, in midst of this unsteady peace, a betrayer emerges. A drainei commander, named Cor'lann, along with an orc shaman named Rezdar, meet in secrecy at the base of Mount Hyjal. Their cause? To found an organization of mercenary races, neither siding with the Horde, nor Alliance. Along with troll spy Zul'Tork and dwarven hunter Ulvin Stoutblow, they make to the Isle of Kezan, where they found the Outcast's Order. Word spreads of the order to the far reaches of Azeroth, and many loyal soldiers put down their blade to join the league. As the Horde and Alliance struggle against the already difficult odds, they must root out betrayal by their own kind.

Features Edit

  • Join a third faction at level 80, never to return to your own.
  • No raised level cap. Instead, characters can transform into a different race permanently, and master the new race's unique new spells.
  • New spells
  • New hero class: Seeker

Zones Edit

Zones include:

  • Isle of Kezan
  • Mount Hyjal
  • Shando (new zone, east of Wetlands)

Outcast's Order Edit

The Order is a faction with whom you can join at level 80. A questgiver appears at Shattrath, in the Lower City. Players will begin a quest that will start by having to invade Tarren Mill and Southshore, and killing an important NPC, to progressing to a full scale attack on Orgrimmar or Stormwind. At the completion of the final quest, and killing sufficient NPCs, your character will be prompted to purchase a medallion which will allow them access to a boat to Isle of Kezan.

Okay, here are some fabulous expansion ideas of mine...

Expansion Settings Edit

Emerald Dream Edit

Now that the Lich King has been banished from Azeroth, the Horde and the Alliance have addressed the increasingly dangerous problem of the Emerald Dream. Archdruids Fandral Staghelm and Hamuul Runetotem have recently met to discover the dangers imposed by the Dream, and have agreed to begin to open a portal into the Dream so that the champions of the Horde and Alliance might be able to stop the contamination and free Ysera.

What is being added:

  • Level cap is now 90
  • New zones: Mount Hyjal, the Emerald Dream
  • New hero class: Runemaster/Archdruid/???
  • New battleground: Azshara Crater
  • CoT: The Great Sundering
  • New profession: Woodworking

Zones Edit

The new zones are the various sections of the Dream, and Mount Hyjal.

  • Hyjal (78-80)
  • Emerald Feralas (80-83)
  • Emerald Hinterlands (80-83)
  • Emerald Ashenvale (82-84)
  • Emerald Duskwood (84-85)
  • Emerald Crystalsong Forest(85-87)
  • The Nightmare (88-90)
  • The Eye of Ysera (88-90)

Each of the Emerald "Zones" are areas of Azeroth where a portal to the Emerald Dream exists. When a player has reached the necessary level to enter them (level 78 for Kalimdor & Eastern Kingdoms, level 82 for Crystalsong), he or she can pass through three different portals to Feralas, Hinterlands or Crystalsong. Ashenvale and Duskwood can be accessed from inside the dream, as druids have prepared flying transports to Ashenvale (from Feralas) and Duskwood (from Hinterlands). The Nightmare and The Eye of Ysera are unlocked through phasing. Players must complete quest chains in Feralas and the Hinterlands, then in Crystalsong, similar to the Wrathgate chain, before entering The Nightmare or The Eye of Ysera. The capital and central zone/sanctuary in this expansion is Emerald Nighthaven. The Cenarion Circle has purged the Moonglade of the Nightmare, and made their central outpost Nighthaven. While outside the Dream, it is but a small town, the druids have created a flourishing city inside the Dream.

Individual zones to come...

South Seas/Great Sea Edit

The oceans of Azeroth stir. War from the seas has risen again, for Azshara and the naga have discovered an ancient evil, and it threatens to destroy the Alliance and the Horde.

What is being added:

  • Level cap increased to 90 (this will probably appear after WotLK, rather than the Dream)
  • New zones: Various islands, Maelstrom, Gilneas, etc.
  • New Hero Class: Runemaster (again)/Witch Doctor/???
  • New battleground/PvP area: Kezan (PvP zone, Undermine is a sanctuary), BG is Azshara Crater (again)
  • New races: Worgen (Horde), Furbolg (Alliance)
  • CoT and new profession unknown.

Zones Edit

Alternatively, many of these areas can be condensed into one. Crestfall and Zul'dare can be incorporated into the Kul Tiras zone (Zul'dare as an instance, Crestfall as a quest hub).

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