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NeutralNPC 32Lord Aldarion
Bigstackstwo Aldarion Desiderius
Title High Commander
Race Forsaken (Half-elf)
Level 80 (Elite)
Character class Warrior (currently), Paladin (formerly)
Affiliation Undercity (currently), Ashen Verdict (formerly)
Position Former Commander of the Ashen Verdict
Location Traveler
Status Undead
Relative(s) Valoron (estranged brother), Irulon Doomfist (distant cousin)
Student(s) Gearer, Vilgaz, etc.

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Lord Aldarion Desiderius the Argent Champion was a high commander of the Ashen Verdict, formerly the Argent Dawn and then Argent Crusade. He was missing, but was presumed alive. The Dawn had been slowly losing members and was falling apart since his disappearance, and the loyal members were hoping he could return swiftly. It was completely unknown about his past. He does not allow you to say his name without first adding in "Lord". Do not only say "Aldarion" or you will incur his mighty wrath.

Lord Aldarion always seemed to be around a few people. These three went by the names: Vilgaz, BlueRose, and Lady Tyrada. Lady Tyrada is Rose Silverleaf's daughter, and Vilgaz is an Orc. Lord Aldarion's usual day consisted of protecting his guildmate's bases, after an unknown entity destroyed a few of them.

Irulon and Lord Aldarion had finally reunited, but with great tragedy. His pet wolf is named Shadow. It is unknown exactly when his surname had changed, but it is assumed it was given to him after some heroic achievement.

After aiding in the defeat of the Lich King, Aldarion had found a home in what remains of Lordaeron, beyond the protection of the Alliance. Sometime after moving in, Aldarion had been discovered and turned Forsaken to serve Lady Sylvanas. He now serves his Dark Lady unquestionably.

Birth and ChildhoodEdit

Aldarion was born to a human and elven couple residing

Aldarion Desiderius' final battle.

in Tirisfal Glades almost three decades before the Scourge Invasion that corrupted the land. Aldarion had grown to be a slightly prideful yet kind person. He had rarely adventured with his brother, Irulon, until they had reunited in adulthood.

He had always been the leader of the adventures he had with his friends. Many adults had been very jealous of him. He had proven to be a strong leader in adventuring groups.

Growing Up - The ScourgeEdit

Around the age of seventeen, Aldarion hoped to join the guard to protect King Terenas, whom he was proud to follow. Unfortunately, before he could be accepted, the Scourge had invaded Lordaeron, causing massive destruction and the deaths of King Terenas. He fled to find his parents in Deathknell. He had arrived before the Scourge had a chance to invade it. He had warned his family, but they just ignored it, blaming his imagination and delusions. Irulon had earlier heard the Lich King's whispers, but he still ignored Aldarion, trying to avoid the entire situation. He also ignored Aldarion's words. Being the instinctive leader that he is, he decided to stay at the house and protect his family from the Scourge.

However, when the Scourge knocked on the door, his parents threw him and Irulon down into the basement and said their goodbyes. Not minutes later, the two brothers had heard horrific screams: their parents had been scourged. After a few hours, they had knocked through the door to find a ghost town.

The Argent DawnEdit

Aldarion and Irulon decided to split up into Tirisfal Glades to hopefully find an encampment to report to each other. Aldarion had traveled far from the Glades and ended up in Tarren Mill, which was still held by the Lordaeron army. After making friends with the people of the town, a raid of Scourge had attacked. Aldarion narrowly escaped and headed back for the Glades, prepared for the worst. He had found the land a gloomy, deserted horror. Still, he had hoped to find his brother, hopefully alive. Instead, he had found a new order unheard of in Lordaeron. The order was aimed in purging the Scourge from Azeroth. This was the Argent Dawn.

Aldarion, as usual, had risen up the ranks of the Dawn very rapidly. Soon, he became one of Highlord Alexandros Mograine's most trusted guardians. Unfortunately, Renault Mograine, his son, had impaled his father in a devious plot conjured by Kel'thuzad. Aldarion, with another loss, had to again stroll on forward.

After little events besides standing in Light's Hope Chapel, the Dark Portal was opened. This had driven all of the Argent Dawn members to the Eastern Kingdoms. Aldarion had fought and succeeded in fending the Burning Legion off with help from a few people who were to become invaluable to Aldarion's succession later on.

Lord AldarionEdit

The fighters Aldarion had with him eventually befriended him, and followed him to Shattrath City. Here, Aldarion created his own Argent Dawn sector, and he became Lord Aldarion. Recruiting many soldiers, he eventually reunited with a supremely influential warrior: his estranged brother, Irulon. Initially believing Irulon to be mainly a lowly initiate soldier and a failure of the family, Lord Aldarion had begun a friendship that would last longer than ever expected.

Rescue Mission Code "S"Edit

Lord Aldarion Talking

Lord Aldarion

After Irulon had gone missing on a mission in Ashenvale, Lord Aldarion himself sought to find him, knowing the location of the mission. Lord Aldarion immediately felt the icy chill of death that was seeping through the forest. A foul scent permeated the air. Hours went by, but no luck. It seemed as if all hope was lost and Irulon was gone forever. Lord Aldarion then found a large, ominous portal, guarded by green dragonkin. They spotted him, and he fleed quickly. Eventually they stopped, and Lord Aldarion tripped over a root, and fell down into Xavian. He saw a few bushes next to him, and there seemed to be some sort of gushy berry juice flowing from the bush. Lord Aldarion pushed his hand to make way, when suddenly he jumped back, his very core frozen as the snow in the Dragonblight. He then quickly took his arm, and grabbed what had frightened him so much.

Out came Irulon's broken corpse with a thump. Lord Aldarion frightened by the stench and the bloody corpse, began casting a true ressurection spell, when all of a sudden everything went black. Lord Aldarion awoke chained to walls he had not remembered ever seeing. He looked up and found one of the most terrifying sights ever. He had been imprisoned by monstrous satyrs. They had not noticed he had awoken. Lord Aldarion then looked to his side to see that they had chained up the lifeless Irulon as well. Lord Aldarion had screamed, and instinctively, the satyrs had ran toward the noise, holding their axes in air. They had made a grave mistake. They had cut the chains that held Lord Aldarion, and he was angered. Slipping past them swiftly, he found his axes, picked them up, and found himself to have been parried. He swung many times but they were intelligent and cunning. He swung and swung, a slight sound of cutting the air following every swing.

One had snuck up behind him with a razor sharp dagger, and had charged at him. Lord Aldarion then pushed himself with his axes on the other satyr's axe, and went straight through the charging satyr's legs. The charging satyr had just impaled the other one. Lord Aldarion then got up, and found himself dueling a gigantic, yet fast satyr, now with two daggers. Lord Aldarion swung and swung, eventually cutting into the very neck of the satyr, with a terrifiyng scream following.

The satyr fell to the stone-pathed ground. Lord Aldarion then axed off Irulon's chains, and caught him. He casted a true ressurection spell, and Irulon slowly came back to life, his wounds mysteriously healing through some odd enlightening aura. They had escaped, not alarming the other satyrs.

Fall of the Lich KingEdit

After many challenges and events, Aldarion and a large raid had gathered together into Icecrown Citadel to end the Lich King once and for all. After returning a praised hero, Aldarion settled away from battles. He had become a successful merchant in the Eastern Kingdoms. Life was without a problem. That is until Deathwing returned...



Aldarion rises from the grave.

After a while of boredom in Stormwind, Aldarion had decided to move near his old home in Lordaeron. Now without the Lich King, he felt safe to reside in Silverpine Forest, never a large undead zone to begin with. He had seemed to be a hermit, though deciding to converse with the people still trying to enter the Greymane Wall.

Shortly before the Cataclysm, Aldarion was assassinated in his home by Forsaken Deathstalkers. They tore him apart and buried him in Tirisfal Glades, where they await the arrival of the Val'kyr to bring him back.


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