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It has been discovered over the past year that the Prophecy of the Arcane Ascendant was completely false. The prophecy has moved on to his son and it is discovered that the prophecy was merely a means of control, it is fake and his son falsely believes he is the Arcane Ascendant and is being pushed along that belief by the haunting spirit of the boys mother, a woman long scorned by Belinor at the time of his son's birth. Belinor has left it all behind and has moved on from the Serpents Tear. He currently serves the Ebon Blade and the order of We Take Candle in fighting the worlds evils. Is married to a nice Priestess named Brianni and is trying to move on with his life as best he can.

-Assume that Belinor is in character unless otherwise stated. Is always out of character automatically in party chat, raid chat.

-Likes to stick to lore as much as possible.

Disclaimer: There was some confusion to the story of the Arcane Ascendant that I was trying to claim that my character and not Karazhan was the center of the ley lines on all of Azeroth. That was never the case. Since my characters creation in 07 the story was always meant to be false and Belinor was always meant to have a downfall. His death seven months before Wrath came out and he became a Death Knight was always supposed to happen even before I decided that I would bring him back in Wrath -as- a Death Knight. When he came back at first he thought he was in a new form and possibly still the A.A. but through various role plays between then and now he has discovered the falsehood of the myth and now someone else, his son is trying to follow the legend and is falling into his own corruption following a false prophecy. The idea behind Belinor was always someone who would try to gain power and then lose it, fall. I was not trying to replace lore or claim to be a walking Karazhan. So for those of you who were trying to make me out to be a liar know now that I am not one. His story now is completely different, as he no longer seeks power and lives the existance of a Death Knight who merely wants to fight for Azeroth in his own way.

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