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World of Warcraft: Residers in Shadows is the eight World of Warcraft expansion and will be announced on 2020. The majority of the expansion content takes place in Realm of Shadows and around the plans of ewil Arakkoa, Gnolls and maybe Salanar the Horseman and something even more horrible.

Introduction Edit

After the opening of the Portals to K'aresh, The Void and other Worlds. The Highborne after the war against The Void discovered that one portal was leading to the homeworld of The Codex of Blood and Crowd Murmur Helper. Curious to plum the Arcane secrats the world held. However their plans did not happened as they expected. On the other side of the portal they found Nemuraan, Grizzik, Alleria, Turalyon who had been stuck on this Planet together with the remaining of the ancient Apexis civilisation who had been hiding there ever sience the Orcish onlaught. After The Highborne, Alleria, Nemuraan, Grizzik, Turalyon and some members of the Apexis then return to Azeroth (world). However none of them knew that the return of those heroes would bring about the horrors who was about to come. Ethereals alleid with The Horde finds Orcs and Death knights in this world. The Codex of Blood nor the wold it cames from aren't a bright world, its filled with dosens of perverse Magic. Not all Arakkoa are ewil, Grizzik and Turalyon is searching to find more Arakkoa joining The Alliance in the ways of the Holy light. Not all of them are honest. Among the group was Grizzik, Parshah, Gakknahk Rilak the Redeemed. Gakknahk was one of the Arakkoa who was intrested in The Codex of Blood. Grizzik's new Faction named Grizzikar

As K'aresh and Azeroth, and The Void is deafeated the Alliance striked against Violastrasa Horde Dragon and Sylvanas Windrunner in Blackwing Lair to end her mutation of Humans to Horde Drakonid. During that battle The Alliance fided a deep hidden room below adn hided in there. A couple of minutes after the Horde finded them. When both factions where there a ritual begins. In the middle of the room is a strange object that enyone ever seen before, behind a geat mark of eternelty. A scary woice wispers "In the Shadows we reside." and another woice wisper "In hunger we wait." An Arakkoa and a Gnoll dressed in dark cloth whith warped hood walk around in the mark of eternelty and wisper something strange, they layd hands over the strange symbol and a gateway open across the room. Accros the gaeteway Onyxia, Nefarian, Illidan Stormrage, Malygos, Yogg-Saron, Arthas Menethil (The Lich king), Ragnaros, Deathwing, Xavius, Queen Azshara and The Void Master F'Ral stands. Like cursed the heoes form The Alliance and Horde lay their hands on the portal and open it. As the portal to Realm of Shadows mantained and THE SHADOWS HAVE TO BE DEAFEATED!

Major expansion changes and updates Edit

Arakkoa Edit

Female Male Arakkoa

Alliance Arakkoa

The Skettis Exiles are a faction of arakkoa that broke off from Skettis. They used to be a faction within Skettis, but their leader Kirrik the Awakened had a dream from A'dal which caused him and his faction to break off and find refuge within Shattrath City. They see Terokk as a false prophet that will lead their people to doom. The original Dark Conclave was a group of arakkoa which resided in Shadowmoon Valley in the years prior to the First War. The Dark Conclave set up two encampments, Sketh'lon Wreckage and Sketh'lon Base Camp, in the area. When Gul'dan rallied the First Horde, the arakkoa decided to strike against him. However, Gul'dan - having been taught the secrets of the arcane by the eredar lord Kil'jaeden - unleashed powerful magics against the arakkoa, destroying their encampments. Gul'dan's powerful spells made the Dark Conclave arakkoa into ghosts, left to wander throughout their ruined encampments. Despite Gul'dan's spellwork, Dark Conclave agents continue with their plans to this day. At the Sketh'lon Base Camp east of Wildhammer Stronghold, they are attempting to summon a powerful being of death and destruction, believed to have been a last ditch effort to oppose Gul'dan. However, Gul'dan's spellwork augmented the powers that would allow them to summon this creature - whose appearance is similar to the Old God C'Thun - into Outland. Parshah, an arakkoa who deserted the Conclave, is attempting to gather powerful magic items in order to disrupt the Conclave's summoning. Recenlty the Dark Conclave open the ewil gateway and ushered in ewil creatures to Azeroth and Outland that they have summoned turned against them and forced the Dark Conclave to regain new allies to survive. As they hate the Orcs they turned to Grizzik that helped Alliance against Horde because he also hate orcs. Skettis Exiles also joined Grizzik if he and also stated to worships light as they do. That is more common The Alliance then he hodre and if they do its more easy to be accepted in The Alliance. Grizzik also invites Haal'eshi because they have captured a wounded bloof elf pilgrim on her way from Thrallmar to Falcon Watch and Sylvanas Windrunner and her Forsaken has capture Humans and Dwarves in Undercity and is going to realese her in excange for The Forsaken to realese their prisons. Grizziks plan is to be accepted and liked in Alliance and he succed. His new Alliance Faction Grizzikar is by the Humans of Stormwind and the Dwarves of Ironforge is given a new land between Stormwind and Dun Morogh that has been turned to ashes by Deathwing. So they plant seed from Terokkar Forest and have changed Deathwing Scar to Grizzikar Forest. They are Friendly with Humans, Dwarfs and Gnomes, they respect and are Friendly to Draenei as a race with great wisdom, but some draenei believe that Arrakoa are liars and scoundrels. But Arakkoa are still xenophobic. They are, however, shown to be redeemable and trustworthy on an individual basis, which could presumably also go for a separate group like Grizzikar reamied Neutral to the rest of The Alliance. ALLIANCE NEW RACE: ARAKKOA

Official alliance mini-iconIconSmall ArakkoaIconSmall Arakkoa Arakkoa

Character Classes: Warrior, Mage, Shaman, Priest, Techno mage

Raical abilities: Into The Shadow (Teleport to Realm of Shadows) {Able in Lv. 105}

Languages: Ravenspeech, Common (language)

Starting zone: Deathwing Scar Now changed to Grizzikar Forest

Capital: Grizziks Hold

Faction: Official alliance mini-iconGrizzikar

Racial mount: Owl

Leader: IconSmall ArakkoaGrizzik

Reputation: Stormwind, Ironforge Darnassus, Gnomeregan, Exodar, Gilneas, Tushui Pandaren, Galak-Krenka co-tribe, Inkgill Jinyu, The Highborne

Models: IconSmall Arakkoa [Male Model] IconSmall Arakkoa [Female Model: Maybe a diffrent model but same skinn]

Gnoll Edit


Horde Gnoll

Sayge and Grarkpaw the Gnoll who summoned came from the Shadowhide tribe that reside in northern Redridge Mountains and the new found land Shadowhighlands that is a waistland between Redridge Mountains and Badlands. Sayge prove that Shadowhide tribe can work long with others and Alliance killed their leader Lieutenant Fangore. Gnoll characters may take up with either Alliance or Horde, depending on which group has been their primary enemy. More often than not, though, they join the Horde. So the Shadowhide tribe join the horde along side other Gnolls that have a feud with the Humans of Stormwind. Shadowhide tribe is about to chose a new leader and they chose to have their fight for which on who their leader in Orgrimmar to show their strange the Horde. The vinner and their new new leader became Lieutenant Growlbone Almost all races of Horde accept Gnolls exept Tauren beacause the Tauren have a history of conflict with the gnolls, as the Palemane tribe disrespected all attempts of tauren communication in Mulgore (Sharing the Land), and they declare war on the Woodpaw, as they are a threat to Camp Mojache War on the Woodpaw). Blaine Bloodhoof attempt to callenge Lieutenant Growlbone om a duel but became riminded of what happend to his fater when he callenged Garrosh Hellscream. So he walked out of Orgrimmar and became Neutral to the Shadowhide tribe and chosed to don't care about them. The rest of the Horde say that they are Shadowhide tribe not Palemane or Woodpaw tribe. HORDE NEW RACE: GNOLL

Official horde mini-iconIconSmall GnollInv misc questionmark Gnoll

Character Classes: Warrior Shaman Priest Hunter Rouge

Raical abilities: Fortitude (Dodge chance inraised), Hunger, Not Money Or Magic (Can eat Beasts to increase their health)

Languages: Gnoll (language), Orcish

Starting zone: Shadowhighlands (Level: 1-10)

Capital: Shadowharbor

Racial mount: Hyena

Faction: Shadowhide tribe

Leader: IconSmall Gnoll Lieutenant Growlbone

Reputation: Orgrimmar, Darkspear Trolls, Thunder Bluff, Undercity, Silvermoon City, Bilgewater Cartel, Houjin Pandaren, Violas Dragons, WrathBloodscale Naga, The Ethereum

Models: IconSmall Gnoll [Male Model] IconSmall GnollInv misc questionmark Female Model is not yet installed nor is it planned

New Zones Edit

PvP Edit

PvP battle in Blackwing Lair

Dungeons & Raids Edit

Raids Edit

Battle for Nazjatar - Enemies: IconSmall Naga MaleIconSmall Naga Female Naga, End Boss: IconSmall NagaSeaWitch Lestharia Vashj (Betrays The Horde)

Stormwind Vault Edit

Fall of Ner'zhul Edit

The Fallen Ewils Edit

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