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AllianceNPC 32Anders Cogspring
Gnome Crest
Gender Male
Race Gnome
Character class Mage
Affiliation Gnomeregan Exiles, the Alliance
Position None currently.
Location Unknown
Status Alive
Relative(s) Gebler Cogspring (Father -- Deceased), Morla Cogspring (Mother -- Deceased)

Anders is currently a Player Character on the Blackwater Raiders (RP) server. For more information on the server, please see that page. For information on RP, you can visit the Role Playing page, or for a more detailed guide, see Tbelle's RP Guide.

Character Information Edit

The Basics Edit

Character Vitals
Character Age: 29
Rank: Sergeant
Guild Info: Initiate of Serenity
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Nicknames: Andy

Personality Edit

Anders feels a slight burden in his soul. He knows he is the last surviving member of his family, and he also knows that it is nearing the time where he must choose his family name. This has caused a slight conflict within him. On one hand, he wants to honor the dead, and on the other, he wants to keep up the Gnomish traditions. He has sought out much advice on the subject, but has yet to decide on a coarse of action.

Overall, Anders is a pleasant and helpful Gnome, with a deep hatred of the Troggs. He holds no ill-will to the races of the Horde, but he considers himself a patriot of Gnomeregan, and the Alliance; and will serve both to the best of his abilities.

Anders is also keen on studying various magical artificats, as well as the study of magic in general. He has expressed an interest to the Gnomish leadership about re-establishing a council for the Mages and Warlocks (while not too thrilled about the study of demonic magics, Anders holds a respect for those who practice magic) that are left and better help the Gnome people rebuild their city.

Character History Edit

OOC Note: I've gone ahead and decided to split up Anders' history as I progress with the character. I created a section to indicate parts of his past before the Blackwater Raiders server was created, as well as another section (with sub-sections) to work through his journey through Blackwater Raiders and the various events he takes part in. Should be an interesting journey to delve into the character. (October 18, 2006)

Pre-Generation Edit

Born to the Cogsprings a shade over twenty-nine years ago, Anders was born with an innate magical ability. His father, Gebler, was an accomplished mage in his own right, as well as a master Engineer (it was, after all, where the family name came from). Anders was first, and foremost, a student of magic. His parents focused his studies on the various magical arts, and he became adept with various spells from each of the standard schools. As he aged, his thirst for magic grew, and eventually, his parents sent him to Stormwind to learn from the great Mages there. It was during this time that Gnomeregan fell and the Gnomish exile began.

Anders returned to Ironforge, and began to frantically search for his parents, but it was too late. His parents were dead, as were many of his childhood friends. Anders made the decision not to remain grieving, and he began to hone his spells and his combat skills. He has a new focus of freeing Gnomeregan from the Troggs, as well as helping make the world a better place for his Gnomish brothers.

Server: Blackwater Raiders Edit

October, 2006 Edit

The training he required would require a long and hard journey to various parts of the Eastern Kingdoms as well as the continent of Kalimdor. Anders knew things would not be easy, and therefore he began honing his skills in the remote Coldridge Valley in Dun Morogh, the home of Gnomes and Dwarves alike. His time in Coldridge Valley saw him rise in knowledge and power quickly, and feeling there was nothing more he could learn from the local wizard, he struck out towards Kharanos. Anders actually spent time floating between Kharanos and Goldshire, performing a variety of tasks all geared towards perfecting his mastery of the magical arts.

After tutoring under several trainers, as well as helping the citizens of Goldshire and Kharanos, Anders journeyed on to the territories of Westfall and Loch Modan. Serving the people of Sentinel Hill and Thelsamar, he continued his studies in his off time. By this time, he was given the rank of Private, after valiantly fighting the forces of the Horde in the battlefield of Warsong Gulch.

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