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HordeNPC 32Malfos Sevenoaks
Gender Male
Race Forsaken undead
Character class Mage
Affiliation Kirin Tor, Undercity, Graverobbers LLC
Position Mage of the Kirin Tor, Archeologist of Graverobbers LLC
Location Icecrown, Undercity, Dalaran
Status Undead
Relative(s) Aldheim Sevenoaks, Scyld Sevenoaks (brothers), Deathstalker Critixix (friend, employer)

Malfos Sevenoaks Edit

Malfos is a Forsaken Mage, originally of Stratholme, Lordaeron and now residing primarily in the Undercity, though he has recently been spending much of his time in Dalaran.

Description Edit

Malfos was in his early twenties when he died, and he hasn't changed much in appearance: he was always gaunt and thin, almost to the point of sickliness. His dark hair, now a strange shade of midnight blue, is tousled and unkempt. His eyes were once hollow, but some time after he left his hermitage in the Undercity, they began to glow. His magical training has been contingent with his training in the art of magical tailoring and he wears robes of his own design with a certain smug satisfaction.

Personality Edit

Malfos can be caustic and bitter- not unusual traits in a Forsaken- and in some ways is pretty self centered. On the other hand, the few people who are close to him, such as his brother Aldheim and (before her death) his friend and employer Critixix, can lead him to surprising feats of bravery and generosity. Malfos feels genuine regret for some of his actions as a younger Forsaken, especially attacks on the humans in Silverpine Forest. Perhaps his most defining character trait is his sense of implacable loss at the fact that he was denied the opportunity to train in Dalaran as a young man, and now, even with Dalaran reborn, will still never get the childhood he feels he deserved.

Despite all this, or perhaps because of it, Malfos can be a very witty person.

History Edit

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The Brothers Sevenoaks Edit

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Tidbits Edit

  • Malfos's first magical interest was the field of frost magic, both as a result of initial inclinations and as a lingering effect of the Scourge magic that bound him. Since he took up his studies in Dalaran, Malfos has moved into the "pure" field of Arcane magic.
  • Malfos openly despises fire mages and considers most of them unworthy of the title.
  • Malfos sometimes disguises himself as his (still-living) cousin Malfose in order to visit Stormwind City, where he has taken up a strange friendship with the gnome Nozz Tappet.

Out of Character Information Edit

  • Mechanically, Malfos is an Arcane mage. He sometimes specializes in frost for PvP.

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