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Ysaviel Dawnwing is a blood elf, aged 110. She is a small thing with long ebon hair that she wears flowing freely. Although young, she has catlike eyes that burn a stark emerald, holding a sadness in their depths unexplained by her friendly personality. Her features are delicate and youthful, flawless save for a single scar at the corner of her left eye, barely discernible except from closer inspection. She wears three golden hoops in her ears, and no other jewelry that can be seen. She appears to have a small cat figurine tucked into her belt.

She was raised by her father, her mother never in her life, having left the two of them when she was very young. She has no recollections of her mother, not even an idea of what she looks like, or her name.

Her father was a friend to the Farstriders, helping with supplies, weapons, and training. But five years ago, her father's personality changed. He became focused on becoming a Blood Knight, ranting that the Farstriders were children playing with toy bows, and would never lead their people into glory. After being turned down by the Blood Knight order, he left for the Dark Portal, leaving Ysaviel behind. She remained in Silvermoon City, her father leaving her enough gold marks to find a place to stay every night, sending back letters and gifts to keep her going.

Time passed, and Ysaviel stopped receiving letters from her father. Not long after, a letter was delivered to her, written by a Scryer officer. Inside was word of her father's death at the hands of the Scryers during a raid in one of floating ships of Tempest Keep. On his person was a locket with Ysaviel's name engraved, aiding the officer's search to inform her of his death. Ysaviel was heartbroken when she learned of her father's traitorous deeds, unwilling to believe he would aid their misguided "prince".

Ysaviel took up the bow and follows the path of the Farstriders, reclaiming a life that seems bereft of family. She's picked up some life-long friends along her way, and continues to follow her heart to her true calling.

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