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AllianceNPC 32Tyrandylyn
Title The Traveler, Former Leader of Honor Hold
Gender Female
Race(s) Night elf
Level 12
Character class Hunter, Herbalist(Former)
Affiliation Sisterhood of Elune, Cenarion Circle,Sentinel
Position Sentinel Archer in training, Hunter, General, Ranger General
Location Teldrassil, Darnassus, Shadowglen, Northern Kalimdor, Hellfire Peninsula
Status Deceased Icon Cataclysm 18x18, slain by the Naga in Ashenvale
Mentor(s) Tyrande Whisperwind,Tarindrella, Ayanna Everstride, Dazalar
Student(s) Moon Priestess Amara
Alignment neutral good
Pet information
Family Andaly and Feronius (Pet Saber Cat)

History Edit

Tyrandylyn studied hunting first at shadowglen with Andaly. She stabled Andaly when she was level 10 in Lor'danel and started training in Starbreeze Village and Dolanaar, and she rested at the Teldrassil capital, Darnassus. She trained Feronius when it was a wild level 6 saber cat. She put Feronius at a stable in Lor'danel and equipped her first pet Andaly when it was level 12 and traveled through south of kalimdor and fought Furbolgs, Murlocs, and Orcs, Even neutral evil Moose. and they found themselves in the ancient spiritual place called, Ashenvale. Tyrandylyn fought many Nagas but she faced her fallen destiny, Death. Andaly and Feronius survived and hopes that one day in the world of cataclysm, the gods will grant Tyrandylyn a new immortal revival life.

Her Dreams Edit

She dreams of meeting Cenarius in person, and get Elune's Blessings and also being a part of the Shadowleaves and other elite Sentinel groups. She also dreams to be a night elf heroine in the present and future generations.

Alliance Edit

She helps moon priestess Dentaria to swipe off most of the corrupted elementals in Darkshore, and cured many nightelves from poisons stings of the Webwood Lurker(s) that haunts the nearby cave of Shadowglen and Aldrassil. She also bring death to the former highborne call the Naga but she faced death after her combats with the humanoid fish.

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