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Priestess of the LightEdit


Lioness of the north by aikurisu-d4ikvtp
Curly sand blonde hair frame a rounded, freckled face with the most extraordinary gray eyes, with faint golden flecks. Adellyna Kiersten Rouge(nee Sainios) is rather petite - barely standing at 5'4" - and appears to be much too thin for someone of her height, having the typical features of someone who would be considered underweight - what with her cheeks that seem to be slightly sunken in(despite the roundness), the occasional paltry tone to her skin, as well as the fact her clothes seem to hang off her limp form a majority of the time.
Her typical attire is that which would represent the Cathedral, her face being masked by a cowl or a hood of some sorts, suggesting that it's likely she's well respected amongst her fellow associates. She seems to keep her clothing neat and tidy(much unlike her hair), even in casual clothing.
It can be noticed that, whenever she is in a robe, there are about six pouches strapped up and down her legs. The contents aren't quite easy to see, and she's definitely not keen to reveal such.
She smells like musty old Cathedral volumes and incense.


The little thing is obviously rather ditsy, and naive to boot - yet, she tries to keep this hidden when in new company underneath a veil that, oddly enough, reveals that she's deadly intelligent, and obviously attempts to be an engaging and courteous young woman. These attempts, if not alone, are often unsuccessful.
She's sickeningly stubborn, refusing to believe she is in the wrong, even if she is. It's also not uncommon for her to be sarcastic, should she be in the company of her husband.
It's not uncommon to see her lose the flow of a conversation entirely due to overindulging her thoughts.

The PastEdit

Early YearsEdit

Adellyna Kiersten Sainios, as she was christened, was born to a rather distraught 19-year-old Mellony Sainios, and a 25-year-old Russell Sainios, younger sister of four-year-old Aileen Sainios. It was known Mellony had a number of miscarriages before Adellyna was successfully brought into the world.
The result of the numerous miscarriages she had before the birth of Adellyna caused the Sainios family to relocate from their hometown of Boralus, capital of the Kul Tiras, to Stratholme of Lordaeron, in hope of a type of remedy - some kind of healing.
Though, she gave birth to the healthy youngling shortly after arriving in Stratholme, much to their surprise. The mother, however, grew forgetful shortly afterwards, and therefore had grown up purely by her father, much to her dismay.
At the tender age of six, when Aileen(her older sister) was ten and verging on eleven, her mother finally seemed to enter a kind of breakdown. She couldn't remember a thing, not even their names, and soon enough wandered out of their life - taking to staying by the ocean, never leaving the shore. This proved a difficult time for the already malnourished two, and it was when Aileen chose to, in a way, slip out of the Sainios life entirely - taking to wandering amongst the street and generally being out of the house a majority of the time.
This left Adellyna alone to her father, and, due to the things he chose to do to her, ended up making her into the kind and polite little sprite she ended up being. Though, the things he did choose to do, left her scarred, physically and emotionally - having purposefully hurt her, through the ways mentioned previous.
Though, despite all this, Adellyna, nearly every single day, would go down either to the church to practice her prayers or further the measly education she had, or down to the shore to where her mother would be. Even though she had no idea Adellyna was her daughter(not just due to the fact she was ill; also due to the fact she did not resemble her at all, except perhaps the slightly upturned nose), nor her name, she would tell her everything about the ocean - it seemed all she could remember - telling her things about beautiful creatures in the deeps, of myths often told to the young in Boralus, or anything else about it. Adellyna would often listen as if her life depended on it, taking in every word; though, when her mother was weary, and would not talk, she would sing to her, whether it be a nursery rhyme or a hymn freshly taught to her, or even songs of her own invention.
This proved to set her mother at ease as she slowly died when Adellyna came onto the age of fifteen.

Stormwind, Upholding the CathedralEdit

It was at this age, that what remained of the Sainios family left to Stormwind. Immediately, Aileen ended up marrying a young man with the surname of Lu, and leaving them - Adellyna left, just as quick as Aileen had, to the Cathedral. However, at the time, her skills proved weak - and she was considered inept by the many priests there. They proved to be harsh to her, laughing as she would fail to mend a simply nose bleed, laughing at her poor writing ability.
She trained on, working hard as ever in her writings, picking up the small hobby of Engineering meanwhile from a Gnome that liked to rest outside the Cathedral, which seemed to absolutely delight her. She had learnt basic things, and progressed onward on her own by that point.
She, soon enough, rose to the position of being a full-fledged Priestess after numerous trials and hard work. They chose to station her at Goldshire during the hours she is not training or teaching the orphans at the orphanage, and this ended up being the place she met her future husband.
She was rushed upstairs by a number of people to mend a wounded man, who appeared to be something of a Death Knight - and, of course, due to such, what healing she attempted fell short, having hurt the man further. At the time, she wasn't nearly as experienced as she was now - and did not concede to natural remedies, thinking them to be weak and a waste of time. Though, she did not realize the pain he was going through, and was quickly threatened by an intriguing man by the name of Snoop Rouge. She argued with him, and soon enough departed.
Downstairs, she ran into the man once more. Hastily apologizing, they took to each other quite well, quick to engage and soon enough marry in a most private ceremony, with little other happenings.


Cabernet SauvignonEdit

Oddly enough, a newborn ginger-colored kitten was given to her shortly after she had met Snoop. She ended up naming the cat Cabernet Sauvignon shortly after her marriage when a stroke of brilliance(so she called it) hit her, but despite this, the cat appeared to have a face that was squashed in, as if it had ran face-first into a wall, with the most piercing yellow eyes.
Awfully bandy-legged, she left it to its own devices as she continued with her work, giving it a majority of the food she chose not to touch due to the amount of stress put upon her. Whether it was due simply to the breed of the cat, the food, or something else at work, the cat grew fast and rather large, proving it to look rather comical for her to hold it, with it being much too large for her.
She absolutely loved the cat, and it turned out that, despite the desperate attention-grabbing bites and scratches, it seemed to only take a liking to her, proven whenever she and another scratches it - when she does, Cabernet Sauvignon(who absolutely hates being called Cab or anything short of its full name; likely to maul your leg upon it) seems to purr, and reluctant to have her leave - however, when the other does, it chooses to hiss and attempt to threaten the other.
Cabernet Sauvignon is quite quirky, but it's obvious Adellyna loves the cat too much to investigate further into the manner.


Peaches is a relatively sweet kitten. She doesn't do much except huddle by Andy - but it's obvious Cabernet Sauvignon is rather fond of her, treating her something like a little sister, as we would compare it in human standards.
She has pure white fur, with Cabernet Sauvignon's piercing yellow eyes - she's what a typical cat should look like.
She's not nearly the character Cabernet Sauvignon is, but Andy certainly loves her entirely.


(because I'm too damn lazy to squeeze this type of stuff in the description and all)
She's definitely not so skinny or flat-chested anymore. She seems to actually have something of a belly now. .. though, her diet doesn't seem to be improving..

Other Stuff!Edit

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