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4ever92hours is back! Edit

Hi I'm back as 4ever192hours! ...yes I still got those Van's Blade Liger things, now be quiet ye sinner lest ye damn us I suck at christian talk...

--Totally Roxxors Operation Lol Lol. T.R.O.L.L. 19:17, 20 June 2007 (UTC)

Geeks Acting Like Retards In The Presence Of Girls

Anti Christ Associations

She Ate The Snake

Vans Are Naughty


Talk about ruined love stories, how you tried to do blackmail your parents and others! All those naughty stuff because Van Flyheight is sexy so says the ladies!

Van's Blade Liger Edit

There were no 'Dark Ages'. Just the time when someone looked at Van's Blade Liger funny.

Superman owns a pair of pajames from Van's Blade Liger.

I met Vans Blade Liger for the first time yesterday. wanna know what happened? I jumped off a building.

The popular video game Doom is based on when Satan forgot to return two bucks to Van's Blade Liger.

Van's Blade Liger once sued a nail company because they wasn't hard enough.

Telephones fail when it comes to Van's Blade Liger, instead he uses telepathy.

Van's Blade Liger puts the word disco is discombobulate.

You need Van's Blade Liger like a fish needs a bicycle. Trust me fish do need bicycles.

Van's Blade Liger broke another record of turning 10 Deathsaurers into retards, his result was:000.0000 seconds!

Van's Blade Liger keeps a pet human in a cage. No were not talking about Van, he died remember? LAWL HE GOT SHOT LOLAQUIEMBIE KAI NEEDS A NERF!.

Van's Blade Liger is KAIZHAN.

Van's Blade Liger is too sexy for the genosaurer it ended up crying all night and then finally flamed to release his pressure since he cant have any sex unlike Van's Blade Liger.

Once a Deathsaurer bit Van's Blade Liger. After five days of excruciating pain, the Deathsaurer died.

One time someone bowed down to Van's Blade Liger right at the point were he farted. This created what we call 'astroids'

In the ancient times they did not use '1337' instead they used Van's Blade Liger.

Van's Blade Liger sees deaf people.

Jesus wasn't put on the cross for our sins. Infact he was put on the cross because he called Van's Blade Liger a retard.

World of Warcraft was based on Van's Blade Liger's life. Obviously it was about pwning n00bs who try to steal his epic Zi armor. But BLIZZARD had to nerf the game greatly because no one could survive for one second.

If Van's Blade Liger were god the world would be UBERL33T!

If you loose your virginity. Van's Blade Liger probaly has it.

Hitler whined like a bitch when Van's Blade Liger flicked it with a spork.

The reason's emo cut theirselves because they can't be friends with Van's Blade Liger.

Everytime Van's Blade Liger cries. It rains.

Pokemon was finally defeated when ZOIDS added Van's Blade Liger too it.

I met Van's Blade Liger earlier on today. I can't remember anything else but a lethal kick to the head.

If Van's Blade Liger is drunk, its probaly the same time as Van himself being drunk.

Red Bull doesen't give you wings. Van's Blade Liger's l33tness gives you wings.

Van's Blade Liger can skateboard on the moon.

Once Van's Blade Liger killed 99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 zoids with a faint dim roar.

Van's Blade Liger always asks for the same christmas gift:A box of Genosaurers and a large sledgehammer with muscles.

When Van's Blade Liger drinks, God kills a retard. Please let Van's Blade Liger drink more!

If you ever see Van's Blade Liger. Then get your ass out of the place your in.

People who refuse to pay their taxes to Van's Blade Liger will end up like a drowning fish.

Van's Blade Liger CAN drown a fish.

Van's Blade Liger beat the liberty statue in a staring competition just as the same time Zeke and Shadow drowned a whale.

The world is full of retards. 100% of those retards die because of Van's Blade Liger jumping.

Once Van's Blade Liger shoved the world up his ass, creating the Smelly Eclipse.

Van's Blade Liger and Chuck Norris CAN believe its Kaizhan.

If Van's Blade Liger was on a date, Aleihza would be his first.

Everyday Van's Blade Liger thinks about Van aswell as kill retards with a single move and fuck a girl just aswell as he eats his favourite pie.

Everytime you make a typo about Van, like Vaan or Vaaain or whatever, Van's Blade Liger kills an alliance dumbass. Please mispell Van!

If Van's Blade Liger gets angry, everyone dies. This caused the 'Nuclear Bomb'

If you say LOLZ VAN IS A N00B right upto Van's Blade Liger's face, I'm sure you'll end up jumping out of a plane with no parachutte.

No Van's Blade Liger didn't die, he feigned his death because the Gravity Saix was hardly worth his time.

Once Van's Blade Liger killed three bears and one retard using a dead rabbit.

Outer space still exists because its afraid to go onto the same planet as Van's Blade Liger.

Deathsaurers were created when Van's Blade Liger uppercutted a Genosaurer.

Van's Blade Liger can make a girl give birth using a condom.

Everytime Van's Blade Liger punches himself, something bad happens.

Van's Blade Liger was dared by the Command Wolf to slap himself. Thus creating what we now call the Outland.

Van's Blade Liger pisses excellence.

Van's Blade Liger created the blue screen of death because he hasn't got over Van's death. And the retards aren't helping.

Van's Blade Liger once brought a wireless stapeler.


If it looks like Irvine, smells like Irvine, but its Van to Van's Blade Liger. Then holy fuck it better be Van!

Van's Blade Liger is cooler then roast beef.

Van's Blade Liger is too sexy for the Deathsaurer and Van is too sexy for Fiona.

Van's Blade Liger was dared by the Liger Zero to kill himself, but Van's Blade Liger found it impossible.

An apple a day does shit to keep Van's Blade Liger away.

Van's Blade Liger will shake your hand on World of Warcraft after a duel, but thats how players end up dead.

Did you know that Van's Blade Liger lost his tears because he cried them all out.

A slap a day from Van's Blade Liger keeps the retards away.

When you are paralyzed, you aren't really paralyzed, you are petrified at Van's Blade Liger and how extreme his love making skills are.

The Berserk Fury dared Van's Blade Liger to fuck himself, and the results came out satisfactory so says Van's Blade Liger.

Van's Blade Liger's tears cures retardism. Too bad he never cries.

When seeing Van's Blade Liger pwn a Seismosaures in slow motion, you actually see he eats a steak pie, fuck a sexy girl in the ass and then shove one of his blades right into the core of the Seismosaures.

The song 'Wanna fuck a dog in the ass' was based on when the Energy Liger dared Van's Blade Liger to fuck a dog in the ass.

Once there was a gun made from a chunk of Van's Blade Liger's epic Zi armor, thats why hes missing some. And the people who made it were retards and pointed it at Fiona because she was blonde I guess, but then Van got in the way and was shot instead, whilst being shot their was a little earthquake. When Van's Blade Liger found the gun he hid it, because he says Its too l33t to use, if you shoot too many people their will be so many earthquakes it'll be unbearable. Too many Earthquakes equals Global Warming. but the Sun did not heed the warning and used it on too many people, thus Leeroy Jenkins came with the same weapon, he said With this weapon, I shall SMITE all ye Shield Ligers, unless ye give em to me! but the people refused to give him the Shield Ligers. In the end Van's Blade Liger came and said OMFG YOU GOT TEH GUNZ0R THAT WAZZZZ MADE FROM MY ARMORXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX!!!! Leeroy Jenkins didn't know what he said. Eventually the people around Zi gave him a Bio-Volcano, and became Van's Blade Liger's lieutenant. But that gun killed Van, NOOB! oh and everytime this gun is used, an earthquake comes. Lets hope Leeroy Jenkins uses it wisely.

Everytime Van's Blade Liger afks out of a Zoids arena battle. YOU get the Deserter buff.

Van's Blade Liger is a noob to Shiftshape, but Shiftshape is a noob too Van's Blade Liger, because Shiftshape couldn't stand arguing about it, he said that he'll duel Van's Blade Liger but Van's Blade Liger declinded saying Shiftshape was not worth his time, Shiftshape then went off in a hissy fit and made his own zoid. The Trinity saurer, when approaching Raven's Genobreaker, Shiftshape was quickly scoffed at saying One cannot create the saurer without the Deathsaurer's powers! Shiftshape then went off in a hissy fit and kicked his zoid into a deathsaurers core, creating the Gravity Saurer. When he approached Raven again, Shadow went off in a hissy fit saying that the Genobreaker was a fucking ripoff and decided to join Shiftshape. Raven then yelled to Shiftshape Van's Blade Liger can pwn you anyday! and Shiftshape replied He wont duel me! the coward! when this was yelled Van came and shouted Fu! and Fiona appeared aswell saying Yea what Van said! Noobs Van's Blade Liger can PWN you anyday! GG KK?Shiftshape then called two retards who used some of the Blade Liger's armor(explains why hes missing some!) to make a gun and pointed it at Fiona. Van's Blade Liger came down and told everyone too calm down but Shiftshape yelled to him F**KING FIGHT ME?! WHATS WRONG!!! there was no reply but Van's Blade Liger saw the retards aiming at Fiona. Ahmahgawd! he shouted but! Van got in the way of Fiona and was shot, when the bullet went through him there was a little earthquake and the Gravity Saurer fell over, but the Genobreaker didn't. Shadow walked away from the Gravity Saurer and back to Raven saying that the Gravity Saurer is fucking trash. Van's Blade Liger got pissed off and asked who the retards were working for before he flicked their heads into thousand of pieces. Then ran upto Shiftshape and wtfpwned his Gravity Saurer, Shiftshape then came out begging for mercy but his head was flicked off, forever flying in the void. And kids, listen to me, Van's Blade Liger hasn't recovered from that day his pilot friend was zamfg shot. So don't even dare to talk about Van, or you face the pwnage from Shiftshape then came out begging for mercy but his head was flicked off, forever flying in the void. Listen now kids. Dare you talk about Van? Dare you talk about blowing the corpse up? Dare you spit on the corpse? Dare you ruin the body of Van? If you do then you'll face the consequence Shiftshape faced!

The only way to kill Van's Blade Liger is a tear from Kaizhan.

The only way to a retards heart is Van's Blade Liger.

Aleihza created a zoid and called it Lightning Saix. Van's Blade Liger and wtfpwned it. She then created another zoid called the Deathsaurer Supreme, and towered over the Deathsaurer. She then threw it into a trashcan and got back in her Lightning Saix. Van's Blade Liger came along again and kicked her Lightning Saix but suddenly it defied the laws of gravity and became the Gravity Saix. Van's Blade Liger was amused and allowed her to be with him. Van came and Fiona was blabbering about how she was loving Van and stuff til Aleihza shouted Fu! and Van's Blade Liger CnPed aswell.

Van's Blade Liger also had an organoid but he chucked it away since it wasn't his type. Then Zeke came and he was like AMFG IT R VAN'S BLADE LIGER!!! wait wheres Van? and Van's Blade Liger was like killed, killed by retards! just like Orgrim was killed by a cowardly strike! Zeke was like YOU KNEW? and farted. Van's Blade Liger was like THE GAMES FUCKING CALLED WORLD OF WARCRAFT! and Zeke ran away cos Orgrim was killed by a cowardly strike and Van was killed by retards.

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Uhm...yes the Van's Blade Liger jokes are back, whoever said they wasn't? Ok rise up whomever said that lest ye incur his wrath...

Van's Blade Liger his name forever more!...thats it I'm dead! Waaaaaah!

Van's Blade Liger NEEDS......but a dental plan, these metal teeth are killing me...

Van puts the word Van's infront of Blade Liger. if you actually wait until 02:58 of this video you see Van having a rather nice time. Lets go gather Irvine, Raven, Ruuji, RD, Bit Cloud, That dude who owns the Bio-Tyranno and that dude who owns the Bio-Volcano, but we must forget Hiltz and Proston as for Van's Blade Liger's cockpit is not big enough to fit a Deathsaurer in.

'The only strong zoid to defeat the Deathsaurer is Van's Blade Liger' <--Dr.D The Deathsaurer towers over Van's Blade Liger.<---Wikipedia /cry What about Aleihza's Gravity Saix, Aleihza's Blade Liger, Aleihza's Energy Liger then?!

When Van suggested sex should be increased to pleasure, Van's Blade Liger came up with the idea of Anal Sex.

Van tried to wrestle the attack of the Heart and lost, Van's Blade Liger also had a heart attack but the heart lost.

Van's Blade Liger is neither good nor evil. He is both.

Everytime Van cries, Van's Blade Liger fries. Please stop crying in the damned desert

Van tried to be a cannibal for a dare, the next day he was getting cannibalized by Van's Blade Liger.

Once two hats got stuck onto Van's Blade Liger's ass. The next day Van was yelling Halp! My ass is being invaded! everyone clearly saw two badly drawn hats stuck onto his ass.

Van's Blade Liger upgraded the Genosaurer to the Genobreaker because the Genosaurer was no fun.

Want to get kicked where the sun dont shine? Van's Blade Liger is the best way!

Once Van's Blade Liger got controlled by Ambient, the result was the God's Fury and the happening of Zoids: Genesis

No Van's Blade Liger wasnt in Zoids: Genesis, this was because the Bio Zoids wasn't worth his time, Zeke was pissed off though and fused with him, thus creating the Murasame Liger.

END OF ALL Van's Blade Liger jokes :(


High Overlord Tupac When Tupac farts, he automatically wins any battlegrounds.

If Tupac has more heads than you! Then by Makaveli you better f**king obey him!

No Tupac didn't die, he feigned his death because the Biggie was hardly worth his time.

When Yaki Kadafi] cries. The Alliance automatically lose a battleground.

It looks like a cookie, smells like a cookie, but if its grilled cheese to onions then by Makaveli it better be a grilled Cheese!

OMG SOMEONE EDITED MY HIGH OVERLORD SAURFANG JOKES...dont touch my Blade Liger jokes please! :O

Murasame Liger Edit

Continuing from Murasame Liger, after Zeke fusing within Van's Blade Liger

Murasame Liger just doesen't walk on water, he breakdances on it

When Ruuji said. I see....Murasame Liger heard my wishes., Murasame Liger actually had an [Ahnk] on him because he stole Reincarnation from a shaman and used it to revive.

I once asked Murasame Liger a question once. Its like having traumatic brain sex

Humongous was a word describing Murasame Liger for the time being seeing as no words could desribe him

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