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Undead Elves
Dar'Khan Drathir (Mob)
Faction/AffiliationForsaken, Hostile, Scourge, Horde
Racial capitalUndercity
Racial leader(s)Sylvanas Windrunner, Dar'Khan Drathir
Primary language(s)Gutterspeak, Thalassian, Orcish

Undead elves are subrace of Forsaken, they are also sometimes called just Forsaken, Undead elves were once High Elves. Like the Forsaken, Undead elves are freed from Lich King.

Appearance Edit

Undead elves just like other creatures of Undeath have plagued skin, male models have green, females have white or sometimes blue (Sylvanas has blue skin). Female Undead elves are usually called Dark Rangers. Female Undead elves have shimmering red eyes.

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