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*{{NPC|Alliance|Thordun Hammerblow||icon=Wildhammer Male}} (quest giver)
*{{NPC|Alliance|Thordun Hammerblow||icon=Wildhammer Male}} (quest giver)
{{Alliance}} Alliance inland{{coords|71.6|70.8|Twilight Highlands}}
*{{NPC|Alliance|Siege Tank Commander||icon=Dwarf Male}}
*{{NPC|Alliance|Beleagurered Engineer||icon=Dwarf Male}}
*{{NPC|Alliance|Highbank Siege Tank||icon=SiegeEngine}}
{{Horde}} Horde boat{{coords|78.4|62.3|Twilight Highlands}}
{{Horde}} Horde boat{{coords|78.4|62.3|Twilight Highlands}}

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The Twilight Shore.

For the Darkshore subzone, see Twilight Shore.

The Twilight Shore[78.1, 65.6] (also known by its plural, the Twilight Shores) is a stretch of beach in the Twilight Highlands, northwest of Highbank and south of Dragonmaw Port. The Alliance and Horde struggle for control of the beachhead, continuous fire riddling the shore. Alliance quests are given on the shore across from Highbank, while the Horde quests are given from the boat[78.4, 62.3] close to Dragonmaw Port. Midway down the beach is a PvP point[77.5, 65.3] that can be captured, rewarding the players of whichever faction has control with the Beach Head Control buff, which increases both attack and spell power.

The Twilight Shore also includes the deforested area leading up to the Obsidian Forest where shredders can be found roaming and a lost Wildhammer dwarf is in need of rescue.

Inhabitants Edit

Official alliance mini-icon Alliance encampment[76.8, 69.8]

Official alliance mini-icon Alliance inland[67.8, 65.9]

Official alliance mini-icon Alliance inland[71.6, 70.8]

Official horde mini-icon Horde boat[78.4, 62.3]

Official horde mini-icon Horde inland[71, 65]

Notes Edit

Be wary of the hovering red marks scattered throughout the shore (see media below). These mark where explosives are about to land, and will deal moderate damage to players standing in the area, as well as knocking them back a few yards.

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