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Roles discussion Edit

I like this template.

IMHO the Main Assist is the most important role, not some related item.

Sheeping is actuly a subset of Crowd_Control

I would consider both as related items.

If I was just a little bit bolder I would change this. -- strcat.

I am bolder... ;-) Changed Sheeper to CCer for Crowd Control. I added a mention of Sheeping to Crowd Control under Mages section. --Fandyllic
I didn't think Crowd Controller should be abbreviated, so I unabbreviated it. I moved Main Assist to the second slot of roles (just after Leader). Now the formatting looks funky, but I guess it's okay. I don't know that anything can be added or moved to the "Related" line. Feel free to make any other changes like those you've mentioned, but I personally understand being timid. Schmidt 00:13, 29 Nov 2005 (EST)
I agree that not abbreviating is better, and I think the formatting doesn't look funky. Nice job. Though I must admit I thought maybe the template would be for how to throw a party, or what beers are best, etc. ;-) Laisren 05:22, 29 Nov 2005 (EST)
see Category:Partying where "PART-AY!"ing is see Dancing. Perhaps there is some over all organization problems here. When I was first thinking about writing some tatics pages, thats was the problem. I found some back water pages and later found this template and added this template to that page to help others navagate. -- strcat 12:05 EST, 29 Nov 2005
strcat, I can't really understand what you meant above. Could you perhaps write it another way? (Or maybe it's not important, and you're rambling like some do here, including me.) Anyways, to link a category without putting the page in the category (and similarly to link an image without inserting the actual image), you place a colon at the beginning of the link. (See the change I made to your paragraph above.) Schmidt 01:30, 30 Nov 2005 (EST)

Go ahead and make a template for that, Laisren. But be sure it includes a walkthrough! :-$ Schmidt 09:09, 29 Nov 2005 (EST)

IMHO: the main roles are Leader, Main Assist, Puller and Tank. The rest could be Supporting Roles. Adding a line might make it look better. I know I am getting nit picky. Thanks for the last changes. all right Sir Schmit, I will go for it  :) strcat 12:17,EST 29 Nov 2005

adding 's' to CC In WoW unlike say everquest the avatars are limited to one or perhaps two mobs at a time. So many take the CC role. I know healer is like that too, but here its assumed that its the main healer. -- strcat 12:30,EST 29 Nov 2005

What do you mean by this? Could you rephrase? Schmidt 01:30, 30 Nov 2005 (EST)
Um... I guess I added an 's' CC is done by many. It not like the enchanter on everquest where thay could sleep many mobs. on WoW you are restructed to how many you can CC so many people will have to help with cc. Other then that I like the template after my last edit. I am good PS. I found the overview for grouping IMHO that need a more prominent linking. i put a link on the Newbie_Guide but its well hidden in the mix of stuff user:strcat 13:40 est 30Nov2005

Revising the template? Edit

This template was created long time ago. Now it looks kind of weird. We always talk about tanks, healers, DPSers(or DPS) as the basic roles. Instead of classifying someone as DPS and the other as CC, I think it is better to think as some DPS have better CC abilities and the other DPS have less. Moreover, priest or druid healers need to CC sometimes. Similarly, leader (or even main assist) can be a tank, a healer or a DPS.

I suggest revising the confusing table. For example:

Group Role: Leader, main assist;

Primary Function: Tank, Healer, DPS;

Secondary Function: CC, puller, scout.

Explanation: Group role, a role anyone can do irrespective of their class

Primary function, your main job inside the instance according to your class, spec and gear

Secondary function, as long as your class have that abilities you can do it when needed. After have your completed that secondary job, you need to go back to your primary job.

WakemanCK 07:45, 12 March 2008 (UTC)

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