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{{User Server|<server>|<US/EU/DE/ES/FR>|<nocolor=>|<cat=>}}

Type in nocolor=yes if you want the server link not colored.
Type in cat=no if you do not want to be listed in the appropriate player category.

Support for all American and English European servers are in the template, or at the development page.

See here for a complete list of finished server templates.

Test Edit

{{User Server|Aggramar}}  [links]  

Aggramar This user plays on the European Aggramar server.

{{User Server|Aerie Peak|US}}  [links]  

GryphonAPG This user plays on the US Aerie Peak server.

{{User Server|Blutkessel|DE}}  [links]  

Felorc2 This user plays on the German Blutkessel server.

{{User Server|Trollbane|EU}}  [links]  

Danath Trollbane This user plays on the European Trollbane server.

{{User Server|Area 52|US}}  [links]  

Area52 This user plays on the US Area 52 server.

{{User Server|Moonglade|EU}}  [links]  

Moonglade 48x89px This user plays on the European Moonglade server.

{{User Server|Marécage de Zangar|FR}}  [links]  

Zangarmarsh template This user plays on the French Marécage de Zangar server.

{{User Server|Zul'jin|ES}}  [links]  

Zul&#039;jinWallpaperCrop1 This user plays on the Spanish Zul'jin server.

Editing Edit

Subpage Description Edit
{{User Server/lcontent}} Userbox image [edit]
{{User Server/mainbg}} Main background color [edit]
{{User Server/lbg}} Left background color [edit]
{{User Server/color}} Font color [edit]
{{User Server/bcolor}} Border color [edit]

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