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Humane syntax for specifying race icons of playable races (see {{RaceIconExt}} for non-playable races). Pass the race, and optionally gender and desired icon size; see documentation for shortcuts and implementation details. See WoWWiki:List of creature icons for race name options.

Concise syntax: {{RaceIcon|<Race Name>|<Gender>|<Large/Small>}}

Previews in Large:

  • IconLarge Human Male IconLarge Human Female
  • IconLarge Dwarf Male IconLarge Dwarf Female
  • IconLarge Gnome Male IconLarge Gnome Female
  • IconLarge NightElf Male IconLarge NightElf Female
  • IconLarge Draenei Male IconLarge Draenei Female
  • IconLarge Worgen Male IconLarge Worgen Female
  • IconLarge Pandaren Male IconLarge Pandaren Female
  • IconLarge Orc Male IconLarge Orc Female
  • IconLarge Undead Male IconLarge Undead Female
  • IconLarge Troll Male IconLarge Troll Female
  • IconLarge Tauren Male IconLarge Tauren Female
  • IconLarge BloodElf Male IconLarge BloodElf Female
  • IconLarge Goblin Male IconLarge Goblin Female

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