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Basic Edit


Example: quest_chain_name
Appends "quest chain" to the linked page, leaves the name you specify for the link text.

Alternate 1 Edit


Example: display_name
When you want to specify a different link than the base chain name.

Alternate 2 Edit

{{questchain/dev|display_name|alt=true quest chain name (something)}}
or {{questchain/dev|alt=true quest chain name (something)|display_name}}

Example: display name or display_name
When you are specifying a quest chain that doesn't end in "quest chain"

Notes Edit

Alt is for the case of quests where the quest chain has a weird ending, such as Taming the Beast quest chain (Night Elf). You plug that in for as "alt=Taming the Beast quest chain (Night Elf)" and out will pop Taming the Beast

Note that no equivalent page exists in Wowhead, Thottbot or Ala.

Example: {{questchain|Taming the Beast|alt=Taming the Beast quest chain (Night Elf)}} produces:

Taming the Beast quest chain

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