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{{Addon Infobox
 | Name =
 | Summary = 
 | TOC = 
 | Category = 
 | Author = 
 | WoWI = 
 | Curse = 
 | CurseId = 
 | Google = 
 | Releases = 
 | Changelog = 
 | Discussion = 
 | Bugtracker = 
 | old =
old= [0,1] (Optional) Set to 1 to mark as severely out of date, or no longer in service.
Name= The name of the addon. Defaults to {{PAGENAME}}.
Summary= Summary of what the addon does.
TOC= Current TOC that the addon uses.
Category= What kind of addon it is.
Author= Author of the addon.
WoWI= ID of the addon at WoW Interface, see {{wowi}}.
Curse= ID name, like 'baggins', of the addon at Curse, see {{curse}}.
CurseId= Old ID number of the addon at Curse, formerly Curse Gaming, saved for reference.
Google= ID or path of the addon at Google Code, see {{google}}.
GitHub= ID or path of the tool or application at GitHub, see {{github}}.
Releases= Other external site for list of releases.
Changelog= List of release versions.
Discussion= External link for discussing the addon. Use {{wowace}}, {{curseforge}}, {{wowi}}, etc.. directly.
Bugtracker= External link for bugtracking. Use similar to discussion.

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