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This template is intended to be used to create a list of crafters for a server page. To use it, add the following to your server page:

{{CrafterList|<Item 1>|<Alliance Crafters>|<Horde Crafters>}}
{{CrafterList|<Item 2>|<Alliance Crafters>|<Horde Crafters>}}
{{CrafterList|<Item 3>|<Alliance Crafters>|<Horde Crafters>}}

By default, the heading is a third-level heading (i.e. ===Heading===. If you want a heading of a different depth, add a "depth=" parameter to the CrafterHeader (e.g. {{CrafterHeader|Armorsmith|depth=====}} would produce a fourth-level heading — note the extra "=" sign).

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