Stonebreaker Hold

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Horde 32 Stonebreaker Hold
Stonebreaker Hold from Southeast
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LocationCentral Terokkar Forest [51, 47]
Sources: Burning Crusade

Stonebreaker Hold is a Horde town in central Terokkar Forest. There is a flightpath, Innkeeper, and various quest giving NPCs.


Stonebreaker Hold from above

Stonebreaker Hold above

  • Inn
  • Mailbox
  • Flight Master
  • Stable Master
  • Equipment Repair
  • Bowyer
  • Trade Goods
  • General Goods
  • Forge & Anvil
  • Smoker

Travel Connections

Stonebreaker Hold

Stonebreaker Hold from the northeast


Official horde mini-icon Thrallmar
Official horde mini-icon Shadowmoon Village
Neutral 15 Shattrath City

Stonebreaker Hold NPCs

Other Characters


A dialog appears after completing Official horde mini-icon [65] The Final Code

Thadok: Excellent news, Tooki! We're Saved!

Gralga: Hah! It's about time! No more fearing that each day would be our last...

Thadok: It's time to celebrate, I think...

Gralga: I think everyone deserves a drink. If Thadok's sharing...

<Thadok places a keg on the ground.>

Thadok: Listen up, you lot! Our worries are over! FREE BOOZE FOR EVERYONE!

Mawg Grimshot: Don't mind if I do. Maybe it'll get rid of this headache. Hope this helps!

Fun facts

  • By drinking alcoholic beverages the player can see pink elekks in at least 6 locations around the hold. This is a reference to the Disney movie Dumbo, where in the main character accidentally gets drunk & hallucinates about Pink Elephants.

Completing the quest Official horde mini-icon [65] The Final Code, provide a barrel of Stonebreaker Brew.

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