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Ability rogue shadowstep
  • Shadowstep
  • 25 yd range
  • 20 sec cooldown
  • 10 energy
  • Instant
  • Causes you to step through the shadows and appear behind an enemy target. Your next Ambush or Garrote delivered within 10 sec will deal 30% additional damage, and your movement speed is increased by 70% for 3 sec.
Usable by
Cooldown20 sec
Talent treeSubtlety
Other information
Related buff
Ability rogue shadowstep
  • Shadowstep
  • Movement speed increased by 70%.
  • Duration: 3 seconds
Related buff
Ability rogue shadowstep
  • Shadowstep
  • Damage caused by your next Ambush or Garrote increased by 30%.
  • Duration: 10 seconds
Death is only a step away.[1]

Shadowstep is an ability that you get when choosing the Subtlety tree. It teleports you behind a target, increases your speed and gives you a damage bonus on your next Ambush or Garrote.


  • Shadowstep replaces Cloak of Shadows as the final skill in the Subtlety tree. This skill greatly increases the functionality of any rogue that choose the Subtlety Talent tree
  • The ability to cover up to 25 yards and increased movement speed gives a defining edge against opponents who like to kite the rogue from afar. Now you can just Shadowstep behind a Mage trying to land a nasty Pyroblast on you, and stun them.
  • Yet another interrupt in the rogue's arsenal. A well timed Shadowstep will give an unhappy mage the message: Target needs to be in front of you.
  • Extremely useful for chasing down runners and mounts. Vanish (if it isn't on cooldown), then Shadowstep + Cheapshot (You can also Gouge or use Crippling Poison on your OH) for a ranged stun or cripple. You can also Shadowstep while stealthed and Sap (Dirty Tricks makes this much more smooth) a mounted opponent, then do what you will with them.
  • Careful when utilizing this talent near cliffs, especially in Outland. An unlucky rogue might accidentally send himself plummeting. Just cast Distract or wait for their back to be more sensible to Shadowstep behind.
  • If you are chasing an enemy you can Shadow Step then Shiv Crippling Poison them so they can't escape. Shiv does NOT consume the Shadowstep damage buff.
  • You can Shadowstep through walls and over gaps.
  • If you run and jump off one side of a gap, you can "grapple hook" over to the other side by Shadowstepping an enemy on the other side. This could also be used if you accidentally fall off an edge and your target is still alive to pull yourself back up.

Patch changes

  • As of patch 4.0.1, you now get Shadowstep immediately when you choose the Subtlety tree(at level 10 or after a respec, the damage bonus (raised to 30%) only works with Ambush or Garrote, and the threat reduction has been removed.
  • As of patch 2.3, Shadowstep can be used in combat. This gives the rogue the ability to dump aggro with Shadowstep, and worry much less about grabbing aggro with a big Ambush due to the 50% threat reduction.

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