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==External links==
==External links==
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Reinforced Fel Iron Chest

This object can be found in Hellfire Ramparts. The chest appears after killing Vazruden and Nazan.

Loot Edit

Reinforced Fel Iron Chest (Normal)
Inv jewelry ring 26
Inv jewelry ring 17
Inv jewelry ring 24
Inv misc cape 17
Inv weapon halberd13
Inv boots plate 04
Inv pants plate 10
Inv pants plate 01
Inv belt 29
Inv staff 51

Reinforced Fel Iron Chest (Heroic)
Inv sword 38
Inv belt 27
Inv belt 22
Inv gauntlets 11
Inv jewelry ring 38
Inv chest leather 08
Inv helmet 12
Inv gauntlets 09
Inv bracer 13
Inv pants cloth 11
Inv chest cloth 07
Inv jewelry ring ahnqiraj 03
Inv bracer 06
Inv shoulder 23

Jewels (Reinforced Fel Iron Chest (Heroic Only))
Inv jewelcrafting talasite 03
Inv jewelcrafting talasite 03
Inv jewelcrafting nobletopaz 03

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