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Raptor Hatchlings are non-combat pets that will be added in Patch 3.2.0. They all drop from elite raptor mobs throughout the world.

Pet Drop / Vendor Zone
Ability hunter pet raptor [Darting Hatchling] Combat 15 [38+] IconSmall Raptor Dart Dustwallow Marsh
Ability hunter pet raptor [Deviate Hatchling] Combat 15 [17-19+] IconSmall Raptor Deviate Guardian and Combat 15 [17-19+] IconSmall Raptor Deviate Ravager Wailing Caverns
Ability hunter pet raptor [Gundrak Hatchling] Combat 15 [76-77+] IconSmall Raptor Gundrak Raptor Zul'Drak
Ability mount raptor [Leaping Hatchling] Combat 15 [19] IconSmall Raptor Takk the Leaper The Barrens
Ability mount raptor [Obsidian Hatchling] Neutral 15 Breanni for 50Gold (at neutral Kirin Tor reputation) Dalaran
Ability mount raptor [Ravasaur Hatchling] Combat 15 [50+] IconSmall Raptor Ravasaur Matriarch Un'goro Crater
Ability mount raptor [Razormaw Hatchling] Combat 15 [31+] IconSmall Raptor Razormaw Matriarch Wetlands
Ability hunter pet raptor [Razzashi Hatchling] Combat 15 [58-60+] IconSmall Raptor Razzashi Raptor Zul'Gurub

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Ability hunter pet raptor [Venomhide Hatchling]

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