Quest:The Soul Devices

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Neutral 32 The Soul Devices
StartSpy To'gun
EndSpymistress Mehlisah Highcrown
Requires Level 68
Experience15,800 XP
or 94Silver79Copper at Level 90
ReputationLower City 350
Rewards[Shattrath Wraps]

[Spymistress's Wristguards]

[Auchenai Bracers]
NextThe Soul Devices


Steal 5 Soul Devices and deliver them to Spymistress Mehlisah Highcrown at the Terrace of the Light in Shattrath City.


Gah! They've been torturing me, trying to get me to tell them everything that I know.
I failed - they fed the others to Hellmaw, and I was to be next. But I told them nothing! They're crazy! They're hell-bent on summoning demonic forces that they have no way of controlling! They're using special devices to make their soul shards, and their summoning, more powerful. You must steal these devices! I would join you, but I must return to Shattrath City to report to the Lower City's spymistress.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:

[Shattrath Wraps]
[Spymistress's Wristguards]
[Auchenai Bracers]
[Sha'tari Wrought Armguards]

You will also receive: *8Gold 80Silver


Yes?  What can I do for you, <class>?


To'gun was here earlier giving me his report.  He should have stayed with you to help!
I sent him back out there to assist Grik'tha.  I think they make a cute couple. So, these are the soul devices that the Shadow Council were using to enhance their summoning power?  They look dangerous to me - maybe the Scryers will know what to do with them? Please, take one of these as a reward for crippling the Shadow Council's operation in the labyrinth.


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

Quest Progression

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