Quest:The Good Doctor...

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Horde 32 The Good Doctor...
StartSoar Hawkfury
EndDoctor Sintar Malefious
Requires Level 71
Experience2,050 XP
or 12Silver30Copper at Level 90
Reputation10 Warsong Offensive
PreviousContaining the Rot
NextIn Search of the Ruby Lilac

Objectives Edit

Deliver the Rot Resistant Organ to Doctor Sintar Malefious at Agmar's Hammer.

Description Edit

Our Forsaken allies have sent their apothecary core here to assist us in destroying the Scourge at the Wrathgate. One among them, Doctor Sintar Malefious, is well versed in the Scourge rot and methods of containing the spread. I had previously worked out a deal with him in regards to devising a vaccine for wildlife. He's since been waiting on the organ.

Deliver this rot resistant organ to Dr. Malefious and let him know it's from me. He'll direct you on your next task.

Progress Edit

What now?

Completion Edit

The oafish man-cow actually acquired a rot resistant organ? Curses... I was certain that task would keep his malformed mind occupied well into the next millennium.

Well give it here, boy. I have much to do without your feeble needs getting in the way.

Gains Edit

Quest progression Edit

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