Quest:The Goblin Braintrust

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Alliance 32 The Goblin Braintrust
StartHuntress Jalin
EndHuntress Jalin
Requires Level 23
Experience2,000 XP
or 12Silver at Level 90
Reputation+250 Darnassus
Rewards[Jalin's Recompense] or
[Braintrust Vest] or
[Skunkworks Sword]

Objectives Edit

Obtain Sploder's Head.

Description Edit

If we could just stop the damned bombing from the goblins' creations we'd be able to launch a counter-offensive to take back Silverwind Refuge!

It's been my experience that goblins are either lazy and unproductive, or too productive and end up killing themselves with their own explosives. Unfortunately for us, they're being motivated by the brilliant Chief Bombgineer Sploder[46, 61].

Get up to the Skunkworks on the west side of the refuge and don't come back until you have the chief bombgineer's head!

Progress Edit

Did you shut that disgusting, wart-ridden goblin up for good?

Completion Edit

That's better. Without him, their technicians are sure to fall back to their normal laziness, which should result in fewer bombs and more accidents.

Rewards Edit

You will receive:

You will be able to choose one of these rewards:

Inv jewelry ring 52naxxramas
[Jalin's Recompense]
Inv chest cloth 07
[Braintrust Vest]
Inv sword 110
[Skunkworks Sword]

Patches and hotfixes Edit

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