Quest:The Firewing Liaison (Alliance)

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Alliance 32 The Firewing Liaison (Alliance)
StartTheloria Shadecloak
EndTheloria Shadecloak
Requires Level 62
CategoryTerokkar Forest
Experience10,750 XP
or 64Silver50Copper at Level 100


Locate and slay Lisaile Fireweaver, then return to Theloria Shadecloak.


Over the past couple of days, I've observed a blood elf woman traveling to and from the fel orc stronghold and conversing with the fel orc leader. From her body language, she's clearly issuing orders. But why? Whose orders is she conveying? My curiosity got the better of my judgment and I shadowed her when she left the fel orc encampment. She headed north, to Firewing Point. I stopped before reaching the perimeter of the blood elf outpost. Kill her before she leaves the fel orc camp again.


Upon completion of this quest you will recieve:


<Theloria nods at you.> Well done. We have bought ourselves a little time. The blood elves will grow curious about what happened to their friend. Hopefully, by that time, we will have a better understanding of their intentions.

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