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| name = The Feast of Winter Veil
| faction = Horde
| category = Seasonal
| reputation = [[Thunder Bluff]] +500
| money = {{Cost|s=20}}
== Prerequisites ==
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Available during [[Feast of Winter Veil]].
== Objectives ==
*{{questlong|alliance|1|The Feast of Winter Veil (Alliance)|The Feast of Winter Veil}}
Feel free to read the book, "The Feast of Winter Veil", to learn more about the holiday. When you are finished with the book, deliver it to [[Cairne Bloodhoof]] in [[Thunder Bluff]].
*{{questlong|horde|1|The Feast of Winter Veil (Horde)|The Feast of Winter Veil}}
== Quest Text ==
Here - if you are interested in learning more about the Feast of Winter Veil, read this [[The Feast of Winter Veil|book]]. While I think our recognition of the legend is the appropriate one, I'm enough of a student of legends to appreciate the collection of information into a single source.
When you're done, take the book to Cairne Bloodhoof in Thunder Bluff. I know for a fact he'd be interested in hearing that others have taken an interest in the lore of our people.
== Details ==
== Reward ==
*Experience Awarded 140
*500 [[Thunder Bluff]] reputation
== Additional Notes ==
== External links ==
[[Category:Feast of Winter Veil]]

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