Quest:Spice Bread Aplenty

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Alliance 32 Spice Bread Aplenty
StartOfficial alliance mini-icon Alegorn <Cooking Trainer>
EndOfficial alliance mini-icon Alegorn <Cooking Trainer>
Requires Level 10
TypeCooking, Daily quest
Experience1 XP
or no coins at Level 100
ReputationDarnassus +250
Rewards1 Achievement profession chefhat [Chef's Award]
Scales by level (16Gold 54Silver at Level 85)

This is one of the Darnassus daily cooking quests, which can be used to improve cooking skill as well as contribute towards several Achievements.


Make or obtain 10 pieces of Spice Bread.


Isn't it amazing how something as simple as spice bread is used every day in Darnassus? When I'm not seeing to my other responsibilities, I like to bake spice bread to hone my skills as a cook and practice my technique.

Why don't you give it a try? You should be able to get your ingredients here in the shop.

No matter how much we make, it never goes to waste. Bring me your loaves when you're done and I'll have someone share them with our friends, the Gilneans.


I just love the smell of baking bread, especially spice bread. Don't you?


These are well-made, <name>. I hope you found baking as relaxing as I do.


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Patch date26 April 2011 +
Quest ID29357 +
Quest factionAlliance +
Quest level10 +
Quest nameSpice Bread Aplenty +
Repeatabletrue +
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