Quest:Not On Our Watch

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Neutral 32 Not On Our Watch
StartHierophant Liandra
EndHierophant Liandra
CategoryBorean Tundra
Experience20,300 XP
or 1Gold21Silver79Copper at Level 100
Reputation+250 Cenarion Expedition
PreviousHappy as a Clam
NextThe Nefarious Clam Master...


Hierophant Liandra at the Abandoned Reach in the Borean Tundra wants you to recover 12 Shipments of Animal Parts.


Strewn across this beach, amidst the flotsam and jetsam, are crates and sacks of animal parts. It would seem that Nesingwary is in cahoots with the Northsea Freebooters. Those dirty pirates are transporting the goods that Nesingwary's murderous lackeys gather offshore. No doubt they will end up in the homes and on the backs of wealthy, unscrupulous individuals across Azeroth.

This won't happen. Not on our watch. Bring me all shipments that you find upon this beach. They'll never have them!


We will give those animals a proper burial.


A job well done, <name>. Now we strike at the pirate leader!


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