Quest:Infused Mushroom Meatloaf (Horde)

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Horde 32 Infused Mushroom Meatloaf
StartAwilo Lon'gomba
EndOrton Bennet
Requires Level 65
Experience16,050 XP
or 96Silver29Copper at Level 100
Reputation+195 Kirin Tor
Rewards[Dalaran Cooking Award], [Small Spice Bag]
5Gold 10Silver

Objectives Edit

Cook 4 Infused Mushrooms from the Dalaran sewers with 2 Chilled Meats in your Meatloaf Pan and bring them to Orton Bennet in Curiosities & Moore located in Runeweaver Square in Dalaran.

Provided Item:

Description Edit

Orton Bennet in Curiosities & Moore be needin' a mushroom meatloaf.

Get 4 Infused Mushrooms dat be found in the Dalaran sewers and 2 Chilled Meats and cook dem in the pot at any fire and deliver it to Orton.

If only de council would let me serve me gnome specialty, I would show dem a real treat!

Rewards Edit

You will receive: 5Gold 80Silver
Inv misc ribbon 01
[Dalaran Cooking Award]
Inv misc bag 11
[Small Spice Bag]

Progress Edit

Do you have something for me? I so rarely get away from my shop.

Completion Edit

Is this food from Awilo? Can you promise me there isn't any gnome in it?

Notes Edit

The mushrooms are found growing randomly throughout the Underbelly (sewers) of Dalaran, and can be tracked with Find Herbs. Chilled Meat can be obtained from any beast in Northrend.

Patch changes Edit

References Edit

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