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Neutral 32 Everfrost
Start[Everfrost Chip]
CategoryThe Storm Peaks
Reputation+455 The Sons of Hodir
Rewards6Gold 50Silver
NextRemember Everfrost!

Objectives Edit

You are to return to Dun Niffelem and ask Calder about the piece of Everfrost.

Provided Item:

Description Edit

This piece of ice has been submitted to immense pressures and exposed to natural magics from deep beneath the world's surface. In combination, these effects have yielded an ice that will never melt.

Knowing little of these things, you resolve to bring the sample back to Dun Niffelem. Someone there is bound to be familiar with its properties.

Rewards Edit

You will receive: 6Gold 50Silver

Completion Edit

<The reflection of the everfrost sparkles in Calder's eye as he holds it aloft.>

Ahh, everfrost. The symbol of the heart of our people...

Everfrost was once plentiful in this region. Over the ages, though, the Jormungar have devoured nearly all of it. It is now very rare and very precious to my people.

As you roam these lands, keep a lookout for more pieces of Everfrost. Return to me with any that you find, and we will me most grateful.

Notes Edit

You can see and loot the Everfrost Chips on the ground at neutral but they will only drop Everfrost Powder. They won't drop Everfrost Chips you can hand in until you're friendly.

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