Quest:Bring the End

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Horde 32 Bring the End
StartAndrew Brownell
EndAndrew Brownell
Requires Level 33
Experience4,300 XP
or 25Silver80Copper at Level 90

Objectives Edit

Andrew Brownell wants you to kill Amnennar the Coldbringer and return his skull.

Required Item:

Quest Text Edit

In the Barrens lies a horrid mess of tangled vines called Razorfen Downs. While our first observations of this place revealed little threat, our recent findings are much more serious...

The quilboar of Razorfen Downs have aligned themselves with the Scourge. A Lich named Amnennar the Coldbringer rules them now, using the power of his massive consciousness to control their every move.

Amnennar has a direct telepathic link to Ner'zhul; we must sever this bond, <Name>. An end must come to the Coldbringer.

Details Edit

The Skull of the Coldbringer drops off of Amnennar the Coldbringer in Razorfen Downs.

Reward Edit

You will be given both of the following items:
Inv sword 35
Inv jewelry necklace 07

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Notes Edit

Oddly enough, the objective location is displayed as being in Tirisfal Glades near Agamand Mills on the world map.

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