Quest:A Worthy Challenge: Raigonn (Alliance)

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Alliance 32 A Worthy Challenge: Raigonn
StartChallenger Soong
EndChallenger Soong
Requires Level 90
TypeDaily Heroic
CategoryGate of the Setting Sun
Experience471,000 XP
or 39Gold61Silver50Copper at Level 90
Rewards80 Pvecurrency-valor and 45Gold 60Silver

Objectives Edit

Complete the Gate of the Setting Sun Challenge Mode.

Description Edit

<name>, I need you to assemble a cracking group and lead them into the Gate of the Setting Sun. Activate the Challenger's Orb therein and lay waste to Raigonn.

Return to me when you've completed this challenge, and I shall reward you handsomely.

Completion Edit

That was a blow well struck, <name>. I've never seen a <class> fell a giant with such speed.

Rewards Edit

45Gold 60Silver
80 Pvecurrency-valor

Gains Edit

  • 471,000 XP.

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