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--><div class="mpcontentbox-main bg-darkgray" style="margin-top:0em"><!--
--><div class="mpcontentbox-main bg-darkgray" style="margin-top:0em"><!--
---- Mists of Pandaria countdown timer
-->{{Portal main promo top}}<!--
---- Remove after September 25, 2012 (assuming it ships then).
--><div class="countdownBkgndMists" style="border:4px inset gray; color:#8f8; font-size:150%; margin:auto; padding:146px 0px 46px 0px; text-align:center; width:660px;"><!--<span class="nocountdown" style="color:#aa4; font-size:75%;">''Javascript disabled.''</span><span class="countdown" style="display:none;">
<span class="countdowndate" style="font-family:palatino, times new roman, times; font-size:150%;">September 25 2012 00:01:00</span></span>--><div style="font-size:150%; margin-top:8px;"><!--...until the release of -->{{mists-inline}} ''[[World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria|<span style="color:#8f8;">Mists of Pandaria</span>]]'' has been released!</div></div><!--
--><h3 class="mpcontentbox-header">WoWWiki content portals</h3><!--
--><h3 class="mpcontentbox-header">WoWWiki content portals</h3><!--

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Text cleared to ease burden on servers, as page looks to the wiki like it transcludes or links tons. Can still see content in history.

Warcraft news  

Text cleared to ease burden on servers, as page looks to the wiki like it transcludes or links a ton. Can still see content in history.
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Text cleared to ease burden on servers, as page looks to the wiki like it transcludes or links tons. Can still see content in history.

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