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Owls are broad-faced, nocturnal birds known to hunt rodents and reptiles. They look different from most birds in that they have wide faces, short curved beaks, and large, front-facing eyes.

Owls are found throughout Teldrassil, Felwood, and Winterspring. In Alterac Valley, the Alliance has befriended the owls. Owls have also been found in Outland, though under different names: the brown and black kaliri in the Hellfire Peninsula and Sethekk Halls (a species of bird raised by the arakkoa) and the brown windrocs in Nagrand.

Night elf sentinels are known to use owls as guards and spies. A trio of owl guards can be found at the Shrine of Seven Stars in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms.


  • Common owls: nocturnal birds of prey from 1 to 2 feet long, with wingspans up to 6 feet. They combine both talons into a single attack. Owls swoop quietly down onto prey, attacking with their powerful talons. They have good hearing, can move silently, and can see well in areas of shadowy illumination.MGWS 15
  • Snowy owlLoM 102: These large owls are from 4–5 feet long with wingspans up to 12 feet. They are common in northern Kalimdor. They are aggressive only if disturbed.MGWS 15

The following subspecies of owl can be tamed by hunters and fall into the bird of prey family.

Windroc Matriarch

Ravenous Windroc


Dark brown

Emerald Skytalon


Skettis Kaliri

Red and purple

Avian Ripper


Red & Purple




Mobs listed with levels can be tamed.

Vanity/Battle pets

An Alliance player can purchase two types of owls as vanity pets from Shylenai before the gates to Darnassus:

Additionally, two more pets are also available for capture via pet battles:

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