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Pandarian mogu king

Mogu concept art



The land known as Pandaria today was not always named for the Pandaren people. In ages past, the Mogu ruled. Possessed of immense size and strength, they built an empire based on might, in which the weak – other races – were subjugated, and the strong – always Mogu – ascended to power. Imposing stone monuments and titanic siege engines displayed the power of the Mogu to the rest of the land. They turned their strength on the lesser inhabitants of Pandaria, shaping flesh to their whims as they shaped rock.
The Mogu were overthrown in a desperate revolution led by the Pandaren, but their legacy persists in thousand year-old ruins too immense to fall. Indeed, some of the Mogu were too great to topple with their empire. As Pandaria emerges into a changed Azeroth, the surviving Mogu have begun to stir. They crave the domain they once held, and, to regain it, they will sweep usurpers and invaders alike into the dust.[1]

The Mogu are considered the first race in Pandaria. They resemble the Chinese guardian lions (also known as "Shishi") and orcs. The pandaren overthrew them 12,000 years ago, and now the mogu have risen again, intending to claim the continent as their own.[2]

They are expected to play a major role in the raid, Mogu'Shan Palace, located within the shrouded Vale of Eternal Blossoms.[3]



Dark Heart of the Mogu

Courtesy of MMO Champion
Dark Heart of the Mogu Mists Lore01:59

Dark Heart of the Mogu Mists Lore

World of Warcraft lore lesson 58 The Mogu-006:49

World of Warcraft lore lesson 58 The Mogu-0

The mogu lore lesson

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