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Marshal McBride's Documents is a quest item for Report to Goldshire.


  • REPORT: Kobolds

The activity of kobolds has increased in the vicinity of Northhire Valley. They camp north of the abbey and within the Echo Ridge Mine in alarming numbers. I have marshalled paladins, warriors, and other local folk to me in ridding us of the vermin.

This progresses will. And I will update as neede.


More alarming than the kobolds, an invasion force of Blackrock orcs has emerged in the valley. This attack seems to be a precursor to something far more insidious. Warn Magistrate Solomon of Lakeshire.

REPORT: Wolves

There has been an increase of reported animal attacks in Northshire. Eagan belives the wolves in the valley were scared here from Duskwood.

Although the wolves rarely hunt human prey, the sheer number of them has caused some incidents with farmers. And many livestock have gone missing.


The bearer of these documents is to be awarded Deputy status with the Stormwind Army, having served Northshire with eagerness and distinction. I am confident you will find this person useful in Elwynn Forest.

Signed: -Marshal Douglas McBride, Stormwind Army, Northshire

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