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Spell nature lightning

Lightning Breath is a Hunter Pet ability specific to the Wind Serpent family. It deals instant Nature damage to the target. The amount of damage increases with each rank, and additionally scales slightly with the wind serpent's spell damage (which in turn is increased by the Hunter's ranged attack power).


  • Beast Families: Wind Serpent
  • Focus Cost: 50
  • Duration: instant
  • Cooldown: none
  • Range: 20 yards


The Lightning Breath ability gains about 10% of the pet's spell damage added to its base damage. The pet's spell damage scales with 12.5% of the Hunter's ranged attack power, which means 1.25% (0.1 * 0.125 = 0.0125) of the Hunter's RAP is added to Lightning Breath's damage.


There is an unfortunate bug where if Lightning Breath is set to autocast, the Wind Serpent will stop attacking and back away to cast it from immobilized targets. Also, if moving to engage a target, they will stop short of it on approach to cast the spell. This causes the spell to actually reduce DPS when used on autocast in many cases, as the hunter pet will not be melee attacking. It also can cause skills such as Growl, Kill Command, and Intimidation to fail since they require melee range.

Autocast can be safely turned on against most bosses that aren't immobile without reducing DPS after the pet is already engaged with the boss. This is also true for normal mobs, as long as they are not immobilized or stunned at any point in the fight.

Alternatively, Lightning Breath can be activated manually to maximize DPS. The following macro works well for this:

/castsequence reset=1 !Auto Shot, Steady Shot

/cast [target=pettarget, exists] Kill Command

/cast [target=pettarget, exists] Lightning Breath

If used manually, Lightning Breath makes Wind Serpents one of the two highest DPS pets in the game, neck and neck with ravagers. If you want it to be easier, just use a ravager.

Rank Table

Rank Damage Level TP Cost
1 11 - 13 1 1 TP
2 21 - 23 12 5 TP
3 36 - 40 24 10 TP
4 51 - 59 36 15 TP
5 78 - 90 48 20 TP
6 99 - 113 60 25 TP

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