Kevin Geissler

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AllianceNPC 32Kevin Geissler
Title <Armorsmith>
Gender Male
Race Human (Humanoid)
Level 85
Health 77490
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation Baradin's Wardens
Position Blacksmith
Location Baradin Base Camp,[74, 57] Tol Barad Peninsula
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Kevin Geissler is an Armorsmith located at the Baradin Base Camp in Tol Barad Peninsula. He sells common Blacksmith tools. As with all armorsmiths, he can repair your items at for a fee.

Vendor informationEdit

  • Pointer repair on 32x32 Mining Pick
  • Pointer repair on 32x32 Blacksmith Hammer
  • Pointer repair on 32x32 Weak Flux
  • Pointer repair on 32x32 Strong Flux
  • Pointer repair on 32x32 Elemental Flux
  • Pointer repair on 32x32 Coal

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Facts about Kevin GeisslerRDF feed
GenderMale +
NPC factionAlliance +
NPC level85 +
Patch date15 November 2010 +
RaceHuman +
TitleArmorsmith +

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