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Note: This page only lists kills by EU & US guilds, so they do not necessarily represent true world rankings.

Chamber of Aspects Edit

Malygos Edit

# Guild Server Website Date/Time
1. Official horde mini-icon Ensidia - World and EU First Kill Magtheridon-EU November 15th 2008
2. Official alliance mini-icon vodka - US First Kill Mannoroth-US November 17th 2008
3. Official alliance mini-icon Irae AoD Azshara-EU November 17th 2008
4. Official horde mini-icon For the Horde Destromath-EU November 17th 2008
5. Official alliance mini-icon Refuge Refuge-EU November 17th 2008
6. Official alliance mini-icon Inner Sanctum Silvermoon-EU November 18th 2008
7. Official alliance mini-icon in Harmony Thrall-EU November 18th 2008
8. Official horde mini-icon The Legacy Mazrigos-EU November 18th 2008
9. Official horde mini-icon Incorporated Burning Steppes-EU November 18th 2008
10. Official alliance mini-icon Closure Stormscale-EU November 18th 2008

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