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Magtheridon's Lair (Hellfire Citadel) Edit


# Guild Server Website Date/Time
1. Official horde mini-icon Nihilum - World and EU First Kill Magtheridon-EU February 24th 2007
2. Official alliance mini-icon Death and Taxes - US First Kill Korgath-US February 27th 2007
3. Official horde mini-icon Last Resort Kazzak-EU March 6th 2007
4. Official horde mini-icon Curse Vek'nilash-EU March 6th 2007
5. Official alliance mini-icon Forte Kazzak-EU March 6th 2007
6. Official horde mini-icon Affenjungs Inc Frostwolf-EU March 8th 2007
7. Official horde mini-icon Nightmare's Asylum Smolderthorn-US March 11th 2007
8. Official horde mini-icon Celebrity Balnazzar-EU March 12th 2007
9. Official horde mini-icon For The Horde Destromath-EU March 12th 2007
10. Official alliance mini-icon Inner Sanctum Silvermoon-EU March 12th 2007

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