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This article is a guild information page for Lemmings of the Light of Aszune Europe.

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Lemmings of the Light (alliance side) is a small to medium-sized casual guild, founded April first 2005. It is a casual guild that raids. To fill out an application go here.

Historic events

  • April 1st, 2005: Purest Light disbands, and the founders (Brutas, Ordan, Wilgje, Neti, Accolon, Wunja, Pluto) create a new guild, Lemmings of the Light.
  • Late 2005: Lemmings of the Light allies with Unity of Eternity. They end their game-relationship after two months.
  • Early 2006: Lemmings of the Light allies with Lifebound and starts to raid Zul'Gurub on Sundays, AQ20 on Thursdays.
  • September 2006: Lemmings of the Light and Lifebound cancel their alliance and go their separate ways.
  • January 2007: Lemmings of the Light downs Onyxia just before the release of the Burning Crusade.
  • April 2007: Lemmings of the Light start raiding Karazhan.
  • January 19th 2007: Lemmings down High King Maulgar in Gruul's Lair on their first 25-man instance outing!
  • January 21nd 2007: Lemmings kill Prince Malchezzar for the first time
  • 2013 Update: Lemmings continue on raiding content available and having fun!


  • Every Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday, and Monday (8pm to 10pm GMT) - Lemmings of the Light uses a self-made priority-invite system, inspired by looting system Suicide Kings.

Guild Philosophy and Rules

Lemmings of the Light follows a bunch of unwritten rules that concern common decency towards others in and outside of the guild. "We don't enforce specific talent builds, we just want people to act maturely and respectfully towards other people. We believe coöperation is born in mutual respect and good communication." Another important philosophy behind this guild is the thought "It's easier to make a nice player 'leet', than it is to make a 'leet' player nice". As a result, applicants are judged based on character, not their amount of on-line time, attunements or the quality of their gear.

Guild membership

For Lemmings, fun is most important. According to the guild's website, the ideal guild member...

  • is involved in the guild, and cares about his fellow guildies
  • is attentive to other people's feelings and interests
  • is willing to be part of a team, and is willing to listen to constructive criticism,
  • improvises when the party or raid group needs them to play another role than they were doing
  • doesn't complain when they die, but learns and adapts from the experience

Guild leadership

For more information you can contact guild-master Bulldaz or officers Nienor, Bunkers, Garalia, Chiani, Matzi, Akaryxn or Vico

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