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This article is a guild information page for Defenders of Fate of Bronze Dragonflight Europe.

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Alliance 32 Defenders of Fate
Name Defenders of Fate
Server Bronze Dragonflight Europe
Leader Debian
Levels 80
Type PvE
Accounts 50 +
Website Defenders of Fate Defenders of Fate @ Bronze Dragonflight


Defenders of Fate is always looking mature members that are able to be as active as posible.

Basic Requirements

Ability to attend to at least 4 raids each week. Mature attitude for raiding. Helpful, respectful and willing to take and give “constructive” criticism. Raid experience and knowledge of your class and game mechanics.


  • Available to raid 4-5 days a week from 20:00 to 23:00 server time.

How do you join?

Contact an officer in game or fill guild application form on guild website.
Guild application form

Raid time

Monday @ 20:00 server time
Tuesday @ 20:00 server time
Wednesday @ 20:00 server time
Thursday @ 20:00 server time
Sunday @ 20:00 server time


Naxxramas - 10-man Eye of Eternity - 10-man The Obsidian Sanctum - 10-man Naxxramas - 25-man Eye of Eternity - 25-man The Obsidian Sanctum - 25-man
8/15 - - - - -


Defenders of Fate website
Defenders of Fate on Armory
Guild application form

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