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Template:Multisource Goats are small livestock. Owlbears steal goats from settlements to supplement their hunting.MoM 192 Goat's milk is used to make cheese. Their fur can be used to make clothes, such as cloaks.

Goat Species

  • Amalthean goat

High on the mountain peaks of Azeroth roam the Amalthean goats. Coveted for their healing abilities, they are protected by the orcs and are hunted by the Lich King and his masters in the Burning Legion.MoM 193


  • Goats have not been seen in game yet, though they have been mentioned.
  • Amalthean goat takes its origins in Amalthea, the goat that nursed Zeus/Jupiter and whose horn turned into the Horn of Plenty (or Cornucopia), a symbol of food and abundance.

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